Creating New Business Opportunities

otonomo’s car data exchange platform offers service providers seamless access to car-generated data. Through a powerful RESTful API and other custom interfaces, they can receive near real-time car data that empowers new connected car services and improves their existing products. With otonomo, service providers can focus on growing their business, without worrying about integrations, compliance, security and individual business negotiations.

Key Features & Services

Receive in near real time rich vehicle data
Data normalization across makers and models
Smooth deployment using one well defined API
Scalable architecture set to meet any growth needs up to hundreds of millions of vehicles
Business fit and benchmarking services to maximize your success and business potential
Aggregated parameters to enable not only real time but also historic view

A new ecosystem and marketplace for advanced services & applications

services & applications

Smart City

  • Traffic flow management
  • Urban planning
  • Parking
  • Automated road toll or taxation
  • Road, infrastructure maintenance & design improvement
services & applications

Automotive Suppliers

  • Performance data from the actual users to improve design
  • Data-feedback for R&D optimization
services & applications


  • Usage based insurance (PAYD/PHYD)
  • Vehicle usage monitoring and scoring
  • Tracking/theft protection service
services & applications


  • Collision warnings
  • Real time weather and hazard notifications
  • Automatic emergency calls (eCall)
  • Data for first responders and healthcare providers
  • Driver profiles
  • Driving skills improvement & education
services & applications


  • Real time location-based promotion
  • On-demand services
  • Usage insights
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure
services & applications


  • In-car offerings and targeted advertising
  • Data analytics for store location and opening hours optimization
services & applications

Routine & Predictive

  • Predictive maintenance services reducing breakdown risks and downtime
  • Roadside assistance and certified mechanics
  • Vehicle performance status
services & applications

Fleet Managment

  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Driver safety
  • Operational efficiency
services & applications

Mobility Services

  • Performance data from the actual users to improve design
  • Data-feedback for R&D optimization

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