Automobility LA 2017 – otonomo is in the house! And this is how we help to make Smart Cities smarter

Authored by Lisa Joy Rosner | CMO

The otonomo car data marketplace is in enabling a wealth of mobility providers to interact with the Smart City and transform urban living – on and off the streets.

This week at AutoMobility LA, other than making the rounds and being blown away by the sweeping progress being made across the industry, we will be showcased in the Microsoft Azure IoT booth under the section titled: “Customers and Partners Harness the Cloud to Create Mobility Solutions”.

Why? Because our Marketplace platform, that’s also runs on Azure, grants an ecosystem of mobility services access to quality car data and – without this piece – the IoT puzzle will always remain incomplete.

Microsoft elaborates:

“It’s going to take a village to make connected societies a reality. Microsoft is building digital infrastructure on its cloud with hundreds of thousands of partners from the automotive, smart city and location industries.”

As a company that is only as powerful as its ecosystem, we are proud to be at the epicenter of the ‘village’ that is working together to shape Mobility.

The otonomo platform represents a gateway to the interaction between the vehicle and its surroundings (V2X); interaction that is crucial to completing the Smart City and ‘connected lifestyle’ vision. otonomo believes that data from within the car, in cognizance with data from the vehicle’s surroundings, is the key to deriving true value form the connected and autonomous car. Value that will be increasingly reflected in the safety, convenience and productivity of smart city dwellers.

We’ll be featured by Microsoft Azure alongside one of our primary and strategic investors Delphi, who have also chosen Microsoft Azure as a primary cloud carrier.  A leader in the autonomous and connected car space, Delphi is dedicated to the ecosystem’s progress and a prominent driver of the mobility marketplace.

We are hugely excited to be a part of this and booth 138 is definitely worth a visit if you too are ‘making the rounds’.


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