Automotive Data
in Action

The car data services platform that yields
happier drivers and smarter cities.

Unlocking the full potential of connected car data together

One powerful platform. Endless possibilities.

Bring new driving
experiences to life

Personal and aggregate data from connected cars can change everything about driving and traveling by car.

Innovate faster with reshaped and enriched car data

The Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform uses patented technology to ingest, secure, cleanse, normalize, aggregate, and enrich car data from 18 million vehicles.

Create new personal services for
Mercedes-Benz drivers now!

Access one API for
millions of vehicles

Use real vehicle data from connected cars and fleets located globally to create innovative apps and services for companies and consumers.

Connected car data explained

What is connected car data and why is it so important to drivers, fleet managers, and municipalities?

We put drivers’ privacy first

Otonomo understands that in order to give drivers the experiences and benefits they want, the companies that manage and use connected car data need to earn their trust. We are committed to protecting consumers. We have built our platform with our driver pledge front and center.

We have data from 18M vehicles, track 192B miles/year and ingest 2B+ data points/day