3 Ways Otonomo’s Geofencing Tool Can Expedite Location-Based Services

Otonomo has released a new visual geofencing tool that enables data scientists and business analysts to take advantage of location-based traffic data generated by connected cars and commercial fleets.

The geofencing tool simplifies accurate virtual perimeter creation around a real-world location to gain a deeper understanding of traffic within a specific geographic area. Here are three key features of the Otonomo visual geofencing tool that help expedite location-based services:

  1. An Easy-to-Use Drawing Tool

Instead of manually identifying a polygon’s multiple longitudinal and latitudinal points and creating an API call to request the data inside the polygon, this new feature employs an easy-to-use polygon drawing tool. All you need to do is choose the country and city or location name and flexibly draw a polygon around an area of interest. It only takes two minutes to mark a complex virtual fence around a real-world location.

The Otonomo visual geofencing tool makes it easy for executives and analysts to take advantage of traffic data within this perimeter to identify patterns, gain insights, and take action based on traffic behavior.

San Antonio

  1. A Detailed, Location-Based Report

After drawing a multifaceted polygon on the map, the Otonomo Platform will generate a detailed traffic data report for this point of interest. The report includes detailed data about passing cars, vehicle trips that started or ended in the perimeter, and road sign availability in a specific timeframe.

Otonomo traffic data is blurred and aggregated in a secure manner to meet privacy expectations and manage compliance.

Traffic Data Report

  1. Effortless API Call Generation

Every polygon creation on the map instantly generates a complete API call that can be leveraged by developers to save a time-consuming manual API call creation with multiple longitudinal and latitudinal points. Just copy and paste the API call.

Aggregated Trip Data API

Fueling Location-Based Services

Traffic data is an important source of information for location intelligence services that adds a layer of knowledge for developers, analysts, and decision makers. Geofenced traffic data is ideally suited for point-of-interest analysis, improving traffic flow in critical areas for smart city applications, deepening commercial intelligence, optimizing retail planning and operations, and gaining valuable real estate insights.

To learn more about the Otonomo visual geofencing tool, read our user guide or contact us.

If you’re ready to take advantage of location-based traffic data, simply sign up to the Otonomo Platform to get started.

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