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Here at Otonomo, we have been working hard at gaining OEM trust and at becoming the best at analyzing car data from multiple OEMs. We supply service providers with ready-to-consume data from many OEMs at a one-stop-shop after it has gone through the cleansing, privacy, and a reshaping process. This blog post will detail data available from one of our connections: BMW CarData.

Standardized BMW CarData Available

Telematics data from millions of BMW and MINI vehicles is now available for service providers on the Otonomo Data Services Platform. Thanks to their commitment to innovation, personalized services can be developed for BMW and MINI drivers, and the data from these vehicles can be used for all kinds of personalized services designed to improve the driving experience.

Through Otonomo, BMW CarData attributes are standardized and made available through Otonomo’s Neutral Server, under strict compliance with international data privacy regulations.

BMW CarData Attributes

BMW CarData data attributes are of two types:

  • Vehicle Status Data – the state of the vehicle’s components, functionalities, for example, battery voltage, doors open status, GPS coordinates, etc.
  • Usage-Based Data – the vehicle’s trip statistics information, such as fuel consumption, mileage, time and more.

BMW CarData rich data attributes enable creating a plethora of driver services, from insurance to fueling to traffic management.

Developing Personalized Driver Services with BMW CarData

BMW CarData attributes enable a multitude of services and bespoke apps that improve the BMW and MINI drivers experience, including: electric vehicle charging, subscription-based fueling, on-demand car washing services, innovative insurance policies by PAYD or mileage verification, new parking solutions, trunk deliveries, and devising car safety measures. Learn about different use cases here.

Start Consuming BMW CarData Now

To start consuming BMW CarData, click here.

Test simulated personal data on simulated cars through our Playground.

To learn more about the available data, download the datasheet.

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