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Vehicle Data Sharing – Secure and Easy: Otonomo’s Consent Management Hub

Connected vehicle data is powering numerous new services and driving experiences that significantly improve safety and change the way drivers use their cars. These data-driven services range from reducing range anxiety in electric vehicles, cost-saving preventive maintenance and usage-based insurance, to efficient parking payments and concierge services. All of which deliver tremendous value to drivers, fleets and cities.

However, in order for an ecosystem to develop around connected car data and services, both OEMs and service providers must clearly obtain drivers’ consent to share the data and carefully manage its privacy—both from a legal perspective and in terms of earning drivers’ trust.

The Challenge: to Develop and Maintain Driver Consent Management Systems

Otonomo Consent Management Hub provides an efficient and compliant way for OEMs to share vehicle data and for vehicle owners to maintain control over the usage of their vehicle data. With clear and compliant driver consent, vehicle data can be utilized in a diverse range of mobility and auto-adjacent applications and services, while meeting driver expectations for data privacy. Otonomo ensures that the consent process is compliant with international data privacy regulations, and thus, the vehicle data can then generate value for drivers and OEMs.

Maximize Data Utilization and the Vehicle Ownership Experience

Automotive data, such as vehicle identification number (VIN) or location, is considered personal data that is owned by the driver. For many use cases based on connected car data, the underlying data is personal and can only be processed in compliance with legal and technical requirements, such as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). OEMs have the ultimate responsibility for informing their customers about connected car data collection and ensuring the appropriate permissions, e.g. user consent needs to be authenticated in real time, per each data request.

As the transportation ecosystem advances its use of vehicle data and the information flows around driver consent can get quite complex. OEMs face the challenge of developing and maintaining a compliant consent flow solution that will securely share vehicle’s data with multiple service providers, while protecting their drivers’ privacy.

Consent Management Hub: How it works

Mitigating the risks associated with sharing non-compliant data is essential for OEMs to realize vehicle data potential and power value added services and driving experiences. However, developing the expertise needed to build and maintain a compliant consent flow across all parties – OEM, service provider, vehicle owner and vehicle data platform, is challenging. For service providers that need to serve multiple drivers across numerous brands, each with its own functionality and flow, it’s a true nightmare.

Out-of-The Box Compliance is Key to Boosting Vehicle Data Utilization

Otonomo Consent Management Hub is a secure, cloud-based service that is specifically designed to handle personal data. The end-to-end consent management solution supports compliant vehicle data sharing for drivers as well as business fleets, while managing the entire flow of driver-service provider-OEM-vehicle data platform. Otonomo verifies a valid driver’s consent prior to every data delivery to the service provider to comply with privacy regulations. Furthermore, fleets enjoy an automated one-click consent management for multiple VINs through Otonomo’s bespoke features for fleets.

An out-of-the-box authentication and OAuth 2.0 authorization flows allow for quicker integration into the OEM vehicle data environment.  The easy-to-integrate OpenID Connect, lets app and service providers authenticate users without taking on the responsibility of storing and managing passwords. Tailored authentication flows as well a customized OEM consent flow screens are optionally available to personalize the process per OEMs.

The market-mature solution is already deployed with multiple OEM platforms that can safely share privacy compliant vehicle data with service providers and fleets to provide valuable services to drivers.

OEMs that do not utilize authentication authorization flows can benefit from Otonomo Driver Hub to securely create and manage user credentials on behalf of the OEM and associate the driver and vehicle with an OEM account for consent management purposes.

It’s a Win-Win for All

OEMs benefit from effortless compliance and greater potential for vehicle data utilization among a greater number of services and app providers​ to generate new and recurring valuable services for their drivers.​

Consent Management Hub Value for the Ecosystem

Service providers and app developers benefit from an easy integration and access to privacy compliant vehicle data through a straightforward, one-hour integration to deliver value added services to vehicle owners, while ensuring data privacy compliance.

Drivers Get Full Control Over Their Shared Vehicle Data

The Otonomo Consent Management Hub makes it simple and straightforward for drivers to grant or revoke access for specific services at any time, in accordance with international regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. With the Otonomo Consent Management Hub, drivers gain full transparency into the services that have access to their automotive data, as well as insight into what data is shared with those services.

Empowering a Large Variety of Use Cases

Vehicle data powers a multitude of personalized services for vehicle drivers and owners, such as:

  • Innovative insurance – Insurers can innovate on flexible, next-generation insurance products based on connected vehicle datasets, such as ae Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) products – PAYD and PHYD, instant mileage verification, First Notice of Loss, etc.  to get more customers, increase profitability with faster, better underwriting and claims processing, and create better policyholder experiences.
  •  Parking Solutions – Parking apps can facilitate a faster and easier experience in urban environments by automating parking start/end detection and payment to save time and reduce logistics.
  •  Concierge Services – OEMs and service providers can offer concierge services to drivers in their vehicles, like on-demand fueling, on-demand car washing and more.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Services can improve EV drivers’ experience by reducing range anxiety with personalized EV charging status alerts, directions to the nearest EV charging station and more.
  • Preventive Maintenance apps and services can help optimizing maintenance routine based on multiple vehicle health indicators.

Let Otonomo do the heavy lifting

Otonomo facilitates compliant vehicle data sharing to generate greater opportunities for OEMs through multi-regulation privacy compliance and easily accessible vehicle data.

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