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Using Construction Equipment Data for Intelligent Jobsites and Actionable Insights

I’m excited to announce that construction equipment data is now available through the Otonomo Platform. As we described in a blog post published last year, construction equipment manufacturers now ship almost all of their new equipment with embedded telematics. Both manufacturers and major equipment rental companies are using construction equipment data for quality improvement, predictive maintenance, and value-added digital services for equipment owners and renters. But the value of construction equipment data does not stop there. 

Applications and analytics based on construction equipment data benefit a broad ecosystem of companies.

Equipment Fleet Managers

Knowing exactly where and how construction equipment is being used helps fleet managers do their jobs better and save money for the fleet. Use cases for construction equipment data include:

  • Equipment deployment optimization
  • Maintenance planning
  • Fueling optimization
  • Equipment theft prevention and location

Aftermarket Service Providers

Independent aftermarket service providers are trusted partners for many construction companies. In addition to the predictive maintenance offerings provided by equipment manufacturers, aftermarket servicing facilities could build solutions based on construction equipment data, such as:

  • Planned maintenance based on performance data

Insurance Companies

Construction equipment data gives insurance companies a much richer look into equipment operations. Leading insurers are looking to use this data for underwriting, accident reconstruction, loss prevention programs, and theft prevention and recovery.

Fueling Services

Similar to the startups that are disrupting the consumer fueling industry with on-demand fuel delivery, commercial fueling services could make life easier for job sites that utilize a lot of construction equipment. Construction equipment data makes it possible to trigger refueling events.

Construction Suppliers

Construction equipment data provides strong signals about activity in a particular geographic area. Lead generation algorithms could detect the type of work being performed in the local area by identifying active construction equipment and suggest products and services to help the job get done.

Financial Services

Connected construction equipment is a new source of alternative data for financial services companies. It’s an important indicator of hyper-local economic activity.

Construction Equipment Data from the Otonomo Platform

To learn more about the construction equipment data available through the Otonomo Platform, be sure to download our datasheet

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