Faster Time to Fleet Connectivity? Here’s How it’s Done

Connected vehicle data is fast becoming a best practice in fleet management due to its proven benefits and return on investment.  Most OEMs are already producing vehicles with embedded connectivity and increasing the number of vehicular sensors to generate richer datasets. These datasets help fleet managers to remotely monitor more and more aspects of their vehicles’ operation in real-time and benefit from their cost efficient and logistically effortless operations. That’s why more and more fleets are turning to OEMs to tap into the potential of embedded vehicle data.

Fleet managers face a host of challenges with multi-brand fleets. Especially, when attempting to directly connect with multiple OEMs to take advantage of the wealth of data that is generated by their vehicles.

Multiple OEMs doesn’t have to mean multiple negotiations or multiple integrations

How many contracts, integrations, data dictionaries, and consent management systems can a fleet manager maintain? Each OEM has its own legal contracts and technical interfaces; each has a different data scheme and a separate consent management flow. It’s a long list of labor-intensive tasks and expenses.

That’s where the Otonomo Vehicle Data Platform comes into play.

The Otonomo Vehicle Data Platform is making it super easy and quick for fleets to connect to, access, and utilize multiple OEMs’ vehicle data, all in one place.

One contract to engage with many OEMs

Direct integrations with an OEM data platform present a host of legal and technical challenges. Most OEMs do not have the organizational structure to negotiate directly with fleets of all sizes, nor do all fleets have the wherewithal to engage with multiple OEMs regarding their dataIt may be a lengthy and challenging  experience.

Otonomo Vehicle Data Platform offers a single contract covering a variety of OEMs, eliminating the need for time-consuming legal negotiations, multiple terms and conditions, and individual agreements.

One dictionary to master them all

Since there is no industry standard for vehicle attributes, the data generated by embedded connectivity systems dramatically varies across OEMs and may even differ across models made by the same OEM. Each OEM has its own attribute names, formats, and units. Every integration must include attributes harmonization, across multiple makes and models, to maintain coherent fleet data that can be easily used in fleet management systems. Not an easy task. It makes it hard for fleet management applications to use data from embedded devices without significant data processing efforts.

The Otonomo data dictionary solves the multi-OEM standardization challenge and expedites fleet onboarding using a single integration and a unified dictionary. With Otonomo normalized attributes, fleets can easily make sense of the vast number of attributes without investing in multiple laborious technical integrations and data harmonization.

One click compliance to rule them all

The connected vehicle data is considered private data and can only be processed in compliance with legal and technical requirements, such as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The automotive manufacturers have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the appropriate permissions (e.g. consent) from vehicle owners before connected car data can be collected. The associated consent granting and revocation processes for sharing car data become a major headache when it comes to dealing with several OEMs’ data centers.

One touch Onboarding and Defleeting of Vehicles

As the owner of multiple vehicles, fleet managers are required to approve data collection per every fleet vehicle.  Additionally, it is crucial to revoke the consent during de-fleeting, to make sure the OEMs are not collecting a vehicle’s data without a specific consent from the new owner.

To further simplify fleet connectivity, Otonomo’s fleet consent management dashboard eases regulatory compliance across geographies with an instant, single provisioning which manages granting  and revoking consent for one or thousands of fleet vehicles. Unified enrollment and de-fleeting management is available through a dashboard or using API calls for directly connecting with fleet systems. This software based capability can eliminate hours and hours of operational activities.



Gear up to improve safety, efficiency, and operations  with Otonomo’s tailored fleet solution

The Otonomo Vehicle Data Platform expedites fleet connectivity with a quick integration and access to a unified set of attributes across multiple OEM brands. With Otonomo, fleet managers gain access to value added, bespoke fleet features and advantages to accelerate time to value:

  • One agreement, One integration, One data dictionary
  • Unified enrollment of fleet vehicles
  • Effortless privacy management and regulatory compliance
  • Rich data sets
  • Data consumption statistics
  • Simulated vehicle testing
  • Speedy access to an ecosystem of value-added services, such as EV services, On-demand fueling, driver safety, parking and more
  • Pay per use – no additional cost
  • Zero logistics

Get on the fast track to connected fleet data. Contact us today, to learn more about our fleet solutions.

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