OBI+ And Otonomo Partner to Turbo-Charge Fleet Management Solutions

Companies with fleets are increasingly looking for solutions that can help reduce expenses, save costs and simplify vehicle-related tasks while taking into account their long-term sustainability objectives.

Sustainable fleet management is key to next-generation fleets

Sustainable fleet management involves continuous measuring and monitoring of fleet performance with clearly defined objectives and data parameters.

Fleet sustainability encompasses the entire fleet operations:

  • Sustainability-driven vehicle procurement
  • Objective-driven internal policies with a specific focus on regional/individual performance
  • Continuous utilization monitoring, progress tracking, and active drivers’ support towards reaching common goals
  • Sharing technical data with service partners to encourage proactive assistance
  • Retain / de-fleets decisions based on vehicle data-
  • Fleet size optimization

Embedded vehicle data plays an important role in monitoring operational performance and is fast becoming a best practice in fleet management due to its proven benefits in tackling fleet inefficiencies. Fleet managers can take advantage of the wealth of data that is generated by fleet vehicles to remotely monitor multiple aspects of their vehicles’ operation in real-time while promoting long-term sustainability objectives.

OBI+ leverages vehicle data to simplify fleet management tasks

OBI+ offers a cloud-based platform that provides the infrastructure and digital products to launch and scale fleet operations for businesses of all sizes. The easy-to-use fleet management solution improves fleet efficiency and saves time for everyone within the company. OBI+ utilizes vehicle data to:

  • Increase cost savings and driver retention rate
  • Boost productivity with real-time and historical vehicle tracking data
  • Supervise and coordinate key events to proactively manage preventative maintenance schedules
  • Address multiple safety aspects to improve driver’s safety
  • Reduce insurance and maintenance costs through timely alerts and information about unauthorized usage of the vehicles
  • Save time and increase the productivity of drivers by automating mileage tracking

“This partnership is a natural next step for OBI+. We will now be able to introduce richer data sets to our fleet management customers and partners,” said Mario Filchev, Executive Officer at OBI+. “Access to Otonomo’s high-quality data will allow us to achieve scalability with fewer complexities, giving us the opportunity to focus more on the core OBI+ software solutions, and to rapidly bring these solutions to the market. With Otonomo, we can onboard and de-fleet vehicles, and entire fleets, with the click of a mouse. This allows us to easily geographically expand and scale up our business.”

OBI+ and Otonomo collaborate to take fleet management to the next level

In partnering with Otonomo, OBI+ gains straightforward access to clean, harmonized, and regulation-compliant vehicle data from multiple OEMs, without the hassle and complexity of aftermarket telematics devices. OBI+ will leverage Otonomo’s multi-layered vehicle data to expand its fleet management solution, innovate at an even faster, and deliver more value to end customers.

“We are extremely pleased that OBI+ has selected us as their data partner. Through this partnership, once more, we’re seeing the value our data marketplace brings to the smart mobility industry,” said Ben Volkow, CEO of Otonomo. “We’re empowering companies in the auto-tech industry to expand their existing services and carve out whole new business spaces. By using our targeted data marketplace, they develop new apps and services for fleets, smart cities, everyday end-users, and more.”

Tap into sustainable fleet management to supercharge your fleet operations

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