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Growing Car Data Utilization Across Europe with Fiat Chrysler Automotive

Today, we announced an agreement on an exciting new collaboration with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) to increase the utilization of de-identified, aggregated data from FCA connected vehicles in Europe. FCA connected car data will help our ecosystem partners in mapping, advanced traffic management and planning, and smart city applications by increasing their data density and coverage in major urban areas across the European Union.

Building on a Strong Fiat Chrysler Automobiles European presence

FCA sold over 1.272 million units in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in 2019 alone . That’s a lot of vehicles on the road! Through this new collaboration with Otonomo, service providers will have access to crowd data including GPS coordinates, acceleration events, vehicle speeds, light status, and engine health indicators in an aggregated form, to power innovative new applications and services

Our collaboration with FCA has begun with select connected models located across the European Union and is expected to expand as new makes and models embed connected technologies. 

Protecting Driver Privacy

A key function performed by the Otonomo Platform is to help OEMs with data de-identification and aggregation solutions. The Otonomo Blurring Engine employs a sophisticated combination of blurring techniques that may dynamically change depending on the intended use of car data.

We’re encouraged to see FCA’s commitment to drivers because we know that it is critical to the development of the connected car data ecosystem.

Increased Data Utilization Improves Urban Life and Leads to Happier Drivers
Our collaboration with FCA is another step towards our vision of enabling environmentally friendly smart cities across the world. For example, studies show that people cruising for parking causes 30-40% of urban congestion—which in turn is a big source of pollution. Apps that can detect a driver leaving his or her parking space can have a big impact on this source of annoyance and environmental damage.

We expect our collaboration with FCA to provide fast value to application developers and service providers working in the areas of mapping, smart cities, urban planning, traffic management, and route optimization. We want to hear from you! Reach out to our team to learn more about how the Otonomo Platform can help you.


Ben Volkow - CEO of Otonomo

A serial entrepreneur, Ben has founded four successful companies and is the CEO and Founder of Otonomo.

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