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How More Fleets Can Benefit from Driver Profiling and Intelligence

Commercial fleets represent a significant proportion of vehicle traffic across the world, making them an industry sector that’s well positioned to benefit from the connected car data revolution. Fleets were early adopters of telematics solutions and continue to look for new ways to improve safety and cut costs. That’s why we’re so excited to be announcing a new partnership with GreenRoad Technologies, a leading provider of comprehensive driver safety, operations management and fleet performance solutions used by more than 150,000 drivers in 80 countries throughout the world.

Driver Profiling and Intelligence Lead to Safer Driving

GreenRoad focuses on engaging drivers—any fleet’s most valuable resource—in improving their own driving behavior. The platform analyzes car data to identify risky behavior, facilitate coaching by managers, and use recommendations and gamification to encourage drivers to change their behavior.

The benefits of GreenRoad can really move the needle for fleets by:

  • Reducing collisions: GreenRoad users see a significant reduction in the number of collisions across their fleets — as much as 20-50 percent in the first year, depending on the nature of the fleet.
  • Cutting costs: By lowering accident rates and improving driving styles, fleets that use the GreenRoad platform reduce their insurance premiums up to 15 percent and achieve significant reductions in fuel, maintenance, and repair costs.
  • Reducing managerial time invested in day-to-day operations: Managers can quickly see which drivers are exhibiting the most risky behaviors and exactly what their teams need to do to improve safety and efficiency.
  • Motivate and reward good driving behavior: GreenRoad operationalizes HR programs that really work.

Otonomo Extends GreenRoad Value to Many OEMs and Telematic Service Providers

To date, the GreenRoad platform has used a proprietary onboard device to collect data such as location, speed, acceleration or braking, and cornering, which it then analyzes to generate advanced risk profiles. However, it is capable of analyzing data from other onboard devices as well as data generated by the vehicle itself. That’s where Otonomo comes in: Our Automotive Data Services Platform enables GreenRoad to access data from multiple OEMs and telematic service providers via a single integration. Since the Otonomo Platform normalizes and reshapes this data, GreenRoad has less to do to make it ready for analysis.

Fleets Gain Simplicity and Competitive Advantage with Otonomo

GreenRoad is one of many innovative solutions of which fleet managers can take advantage by connecting their fleets through the Otonomo Platform. To learn more about these opportunities, reach out to our business team.

If you are a fleet software developer, we’re also eager to hear from you!

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