Learn how Waycare uses Otonomo APIs to get anonymized speed and location data from connected cars. Read this customer case study about vehicle data usage.

How Waycare Uses Otonomo Data for Traffic Management: A Case Study

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Shai Suzan, chief information officer at Waycare at the MOVE conference in London. Waycare is building machine learning algorithms that drive predictive recommendations to improve traffic flows in urban areas. They analyze data to predict traffic “hot spots” as early as two hours ahead of time, accelerate emergency responses and facilitate smarter traffic management. We’re excited to be collaborating with this innovative company to incorporate more automotive data into their algorithms. Our recent case study provides some interesting details about Waycare’s use cases.

How Waycare Uses Otonomo’s Automotive Data

Waycare’s solutions—traffic management, law enforcement, emergency services, roadway and safety monitoring—require a critical mass of data. The company works with multiple data providers, including mobility apps and telematics partners, to get as much coverage as possible in the areas it serves. The Otonomo Platform contributes by bringing together data from multiple OEMs.

“For us as a service provider, fewer technical integrations with data sources reduces the complexity of setting-up and maintaining our service” Shai told me. The Otonomo Platform also provides cleansing, reshaping, normalization, and enrichment of the data Waycare uses.

In the case study, Shai talks about the importance of the expertise and automotive data knowledge that Otonomo brings to the partnership. He explains, “With automotive data, you must understand the use cases and know the limitations of your datasets. Thinking that ‘data is just data’ is not enough.”

The Results: Lives Saved (Really)

Saving lives with the help of data is one of the main reasons I joined Otonomo and seeing Waycare bring this to life is so exciting. The partnership with Otonomo has helped Waycare to scale more effectively and deliver a higher impact to its end customers. The results that Waycare has been able to deliver to its customers are remarkable.

For example, the Nevada Highway Patrol ran a pilot program that saw a 17% reduction in crashes along a portion of northbound Interstate 15 near Las Vegas, Nevada, with accidents identified up to 12 minutes faster. Extrapolating these types of results to more cities would result in billions of dollars of economic advantages as well as lives saved.

Read the Case Study

You can read the full case study to learn more about Waycare, its solutions, and the benefits it has achieved by working with Otonomo.

Download Case Study

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