Fleets Can Generate New Opportunities When Merging Vehicle and Customer Data With Otonomo’s New App on Salesforce AppExchange

Millions of connected cars are generating rich vehicle data that opens up endless opportunities for innovative services, while benefiting drivers, fleets, cities and the entire transportation ecosystem. Businesses that employ vehicle data can leverage real-time monitoring of their vehicles to improve productivity and benefit from data-driven decisions and cost-efficient operations.

Otonomo is taking vehicle data to the organization’s CRM, with seamless integration into the Salesforce cloud that offers a complete view of customers, operations, and vehicle data. With Otonomo App for Salesforce, vehicle-driven businesses, such as dealerships, leasing companies, fleets, roadside assistance providers, insurers and others, achieve greater levels of data integration, optimization, and business insights.


“Otonomo is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as they power digital transformation for customers by providing access to vehicle data,” said Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange. “AppExchange is constantly evolving to enable our partners to build cutting-edge solutions to drive customer success.”

Supercharging productivity and performance with vehicle data

Every vehicle-driven business needs real-time access to its vehicles data to improve productivity and business performance. However, ingesting data from multiple vehicle manufacturers is time-consuming and expensive. It requires heavy initial investments in multiple integrations and normalizations, as well as an ongoing effort in vehicle data securing, cleansing, and maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. 

Otonomo vehicle data platform accelerates time to value through a single integration and quick access to secured, normalized, and cleansed vehicle data from multiple OEMs. The scalable solution offers effortless connectivity to hundreds of attributes and bespoke fleet features, including single interaction consent and revoke management for thousands of cars from multiple OEMs to ease regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

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Merging vehicle and customer data to unlock growth opportunities

With direct access to rich vehicle data within their CRM system, mobility and transportation focused businesses quickly gain valuable insights and uncover new opportunities to grow and better service their customers.

Out-of-the-box integration to Salesforce Sales Cloud® and Service Cloud® enables straightforward organization and management of vehicle and customer information in one place. Crossing real-time vehicle data with customer data yields business insights and unfolds trends and new business opportunities.

One click, on one screen – that’s all it takes to see information that impacts the business, such as maintenance data, warranty, or vehicle usage issues. With the Otonomo App for Salesforce, businesses can:

  • Monitor and analyze the data for a single car or an entire fleet
  • Track important metrics on easy-to-read dashboards
  • Get timely vehicle status and reports
  • Effortlessly locate every fleet vehicle
  • Receive automated alert triggers for pre-defined conditions, such as vehicles that are due for service
  • Set email alerts, run reports, build dashboards, and more.
  • Schedule notifications according to business and customer needs

“Otonomo is excited to bring the value of vehicle data to the Salesforce user community,” said Ben Volkow, Otonomo CEO & Co-Founder. “Direct and easy access to rich and compliant vehicle data can revolutionize the way automotive, mobility and other transportation-related enterprises engage with their customers.”

Tap into efficient mobility operations

Harness vehicle data to amplify your vehicle-driven business productivity:

  •  Monitor vehicles health in real time and maintain preventative maintenance schedules. Track actions that can be taken to proactively avoid or reduce vehicle breakdowns and maximize fleet gains. Automate alerts for maintenance, warranties, special offers etc.
  • Track vehicles’ location in real-time to improve visibility and cut expenses. Detect theft or unauthorized vehicle use. Receive location alerts when vehicles enter or leave designated areas or deviate from planned routes to detect improper use and combat fraud by monitoring off-hour usage.
  • Identify a stolen vehicle and alert the authorities. Monitor stolen vehicle location to enable quick recovery of company property.
  • Locate and remotely disable leased or rented vehicles in cases of theft or non-payment.
  • Ensure compliance with Hours-of-Service Tracking through automated trip and driver data that provide effortless reports.
  • Manage innovative usage-based insurance (UBI) premiums with direct access to vehicle data to leverage automated mileage verification, time-of-day tracking, and driver behavior monitoring.
  • Promote more efficient fuel management by minimizing excess idling, monitoring speed and detecting fuel theft,
  • Identify vehicles that enter a municipal parking spot and automatically pay for parking at the correct rate.
  • Operate electric vehicles more efficiently by optimizing their routes. Observe remaining charge on electric vehicles and let drivers know when and where to charge. Make data-driven decisions on how to invest in EVs and where to place fleet-owned charging points.
  • Take roadside assistance to the next level with remote analysis and quick service accident notifications.
  • Improve drivers’ safety by monitoring drivers behavior and offering feedback to guide them on safe driving habits.
  • Help a lessee identify when to renew a lease, based on maximized residual value instead of months used or miles driven.
  • Identify the optimal time to replace a vehicle to maximize its remarketing value.
  • Right size a fleet by identifying under-performing and best-performing vehicles and routes.

Boost your vehicle data operations with Otonomo App for Salesforce 

Watch the Otonomo App for Salesforce video, view the brochure or talk to a data specialist to learn more.

Download Otonomo App for Salesforce from the AppExchange to get started, today.  

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