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Shared Mobility and Autonomous Cars: New Report Explores Consumer Attitudes and Concerns

Connected Car Data Is Driving Mobility and Autonomous Cars

Connected car data is driving the evolution from private ownership to shared mobility and autonomous driving. But data alone will not enable adoption of these technologies. Consumer trust, enabling technologies, and government action are needed for transformation to take place. Consumer buy-in is critical, so along with SBD Automotive, Otonomo surveyed over 2500 drivers regarding their concerns and opinions about shared mobility and autonomous vehicles

“Putting the driver first is in Otonomo’s DNA.”, said Ben Volkow, Founder and CEO.”We believe that for technologies to succeed they must meet the needs of consumers. Otonomo, the auto makers, service providers and transportation facilitators need to listen to the interests and concerns of consumers. We hope that this survey provides additional consumer insights that will bring us closer to a future that includes shared mobility and autonomous vehicles, based on secure and privacy protected connected car data.”

New Research Report Shows Consumer Concerns

Otonomo’s research, fielded by SBD Automotive, shows that most drivers do not want a future of public transport-style mobility, many have strong concerns about autonomous vehicles and most want to monitor the car data their cars generate.

“The findings in this survey reflect the wider consumer sentiment we’re seeing across SBD’s consumer survey practices, whereby half of consumers regularly drive just for the experiences it gives them, highlighting not only the importance of the car but the experiences you have when driving.”, said Stephen Scales, Head of Consumer Insights at SBD Automotive. “It is clear that the OEMs that are not pushing to include the latest technology in their vehicles, and not giving their consumers the best experiences, are going to be left behind first by other manufacturers and eventually risk being left behind by the consumers as well.”

A Sampling of Key Findings

Shared Mobility

  • Only 34% want a transport-style mobility of the future
  • 29% said they would share their car
  • 40% said they prefer to access a shared car

Autonomous Vehicles

  • 38% said they are willing to ride in autonomous vehicles
  • 60% felt that technology made cars safer
  • 76% do not trust in AV technology

Connected Car Data

  • 65% of drivers said they trust car manufacturers with their data
  • Only 33% of drivers trust 3rd party partners of the car manufacturer with their data
  • 72% of drivers want alerts from their cars about dangerous road conditions

Download or View the Report

Download the complete report, Data-Driven Driving: Shifting into Shared Mobility and Autonomous Cars .

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