SWAT Mobility and Otonomo Partner: Simplifying Smart Transportation Solutions

Time-consuming transportation to work is a daily struggle for the working population. While transportation planners strive to address a growing population and cope with worsening traffic congestion, transportation service providers find it increasingly difficult to meet the complex and changing demand, and organizations face difficulties in employees hiring and retaining as people find it hard to get to a workplace. Cities worldwide are searching for smart transportation solutions to ease the pain of their working citizens.

SWAT Mobility harnesses a demand-responsive and ride-sharing technology to change the way people commute, ease congestion, and improve quality of life. Their smart transportation solutions pools passengers in shared vehicles, while determining the optimal routes to pick them up and drop them off. SWAT mobility offers transport pooling services that focuses mainly on employee transport in remotely located offices, shuttle services for travelling salespeople, shuttles within industrial parks or airports, and work with governments on their on-demand public transport needs and many more.

The benefits of readily accessible traffic data

SWAT Mobility has partnered with Otonomo to take advantage of readily accessible traffic data that caters to its rapidly growing global business needs. “Otonomo One-Stop Shop services meet our expectations and requirements.” says Evgeny Makarov, Head of Data at SWAT Mobility. “The vehicle data is straightforward and easy to interpret and ingest. Only minimal data processing is required before feeding the data into our vehicle data processing pipeline.”

SWAT Mobility utilizes machine learning algorithms to transform Otonomo vehicle data into a road speed map that is incorporated in its routing engine. Speed map data is key to generating optimal routes and solving real-time routing problems using an advanced, award-winning algorithm. “Speed maps are an important aspect of our services that determines and drives the success of our business.”” explains Evgeny Makarov, “They are regularly re-calibrated with fresh data to ensure the accuracy of our routing engine.”

Otonomo’s cleansed and normalized traffic data has helped SWAT Mobility to significantly optimize the pickup time, journey time and pooling rate of all offered rides.

Leveraging real-time vehicle data to transform journeys through smart transportation solutions

SWAT Mobility’s demand-responsive and ride-sharing technology generates the most efficient routes for each distinct group of commuters to maximize ridership experience and minimize time. “We are leveraging the real-time data generated by vehicles to transform journeys through smart mobility” Evgeny Makarov concludes. “With Otonomo’s enhanced and reliable data, we are now able to provide improved riding experience for all.”

SWAT Mobility smart transportation solutions serve fleet operator companies, large corporations from different industries, as well as governments to help them yield cost savings, improve journeys and facilitate global business expansion.

Download the case study to learn more about how SWAT Mobility uses Otonomo aggregate data.

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