Otonomo’s Summertime Driving Playlist

For many of us, summer means vacation and summer road trips. That is why we have put together the Otonomo’s summertime driving playlist.

It is an open playlist, and we invite you to listen and to add your own summer favorites 

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Together we will create the ultimate playlist for summer!  

However, before you hit play, please remember that summer can be a dangerous time on the road. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, July and August are the deadliest months of the year 

So, keep safe, make sure to avoid overheating, and check your car’s coolant and cooling systems. Also, check your tires for damage and pressure, as the summer heat increases the risk of a tire blowing out. If you are driving an EV, be aware that the heat can damage your battery’s performance, so always try parking in the shade, if you can. 

The glaring summer sun is dangerous for people as well. Try to wear sunglasses, and don’t drive if you are feeling tired. A short 15-minute nap or a strong coffee can help keep you alert, so plan short breaks for any drive longer than a couple of hours.  

Finally, you should always listen to some invigorating music! Just hit play on Otonomo’s summertime driving playlist and enjoy the ride. Remember, this is a collaborative playlist, so feel free to add your summer favorite songs so everyone can enjoy. 

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