TU Automotive Detroit 2019: What is Happening and Who is Emerson?

On  Thursday June 6, 2019, I’ll be at TU-Automotive Detroit along with several of my fellow Otonomos. I’m really excited to be part of this fantastic event again; with such a critical mass of industry executives and thought leaders in one place, there will be endless opportunities for dialogue about the future of transportation and, […]

Drive Time Metrics and Otonomo Partner to Provide Privacy Protected, In-Vehicle Listening Insights

I used to listen to the radio all the time. Today, I only listen in my car and I am not alone: more listening happens in vehicles than anywhere else. Yet, the media industry has very few insights into in-vehicle listeners’ tastes and preferences. That’s about to change. Translating Connected Car Data into Media Insights […]

How Service Providers Can Gain Secure Access to Vehicle Data Through the Neutral Server Initiative

2018 has been a year full of personal data being accessed without consumer consent. As a result, awareness for data protection and transparency is growing, especially within the automotive industry. Vehicle manufacturers are interested in protecting the data of vehicle owners, which sometimes can hinder the ability of Service Providers to create useful applications for […]

What Navigation Apps Tell Us About Data Privacy Attitudes

Earlier this year we conducted a survey of connected car owners’ and new car buyers’ data privacy concerns.  The data revealed insights into what makes these drivers more confident about sharing their data for services – it boils down to safety, convieniece and fun. Overall, our study showed that while consumers express willingness to share […]

Going Live with the First Neutral Server: Securely Opening the Doors to Automotive Data

Just about two years ago, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) announced its neutral server initiative.  This is an effort to find a solution that makes automotive data available to interested third-party service providers in a safe and secure manner, without requiring those third parties to sign a contract with a vehicle manufacturer. This initiative […]

Who Do Consumers Trust with Their Data?

In previous blog posts, I shared insights about how different consumer groups feel about connected cars and personal data, taken from the consumer survey conducted earlier this year. In this post, I’ll dig into how much consumers trust different institutions. Credit Card Companies’ Data Handling Practices Earn the Most Trust We asked our survey respondents about their […]

Insights on Super Commuters

Super Commuters Have Joined an Ever-Growing Club Commuting to work is worse than ever. Data from the Census Bureau’s 2015 American Community Survey indicate that the average commute has passed 26.4 minutes. It also showed a big jump—8% in the number of people with extreme commutes. So it’s not surprising that we found a population […]

Men vs. Women in Connected Cars

Do men and women feel the same about connected car data and services? Driving can be a “hot topic” between men and women, and it’s not much different in the  era of the connected car. When digging in to the data we collected in our recent survey of connected car owners and new car buyers, […]

Introducing the Otonomo Anonymization Engine

In our consumer survey earlier this year of 1,070 connected car owners and new car buyers, two-thirds reported that they have chosen not to use online services and apps because of their concerns about personal information being compromised. Drivers’ privacy concerns are one of the biggest potential barriers to developing an ecosystem of applications that […]

What Do New Car Buyers Want in the Era of Connected Cars?

By Lisa Joy Rosner, Chief Marketing Officer, Otonomo In June of 2018, Otonomo, in conjunction with Edison Research, fielded an in-depth consumer study of over 1,000 Americans who either own connected cars or are considering a purchase of a new connected car. The study’s goal was to understand what features these drivers are primarily interested […]