Anatomy of a Connected Car Owner

As the biggest shopping season of the year kicks off, I’ve been noticing the volume of car commercials everywhere I turn. Cars are becoming increasingly more technologically sophisticated – and so are drivers. As a marketer who is now working in auto-tech, I’ve been thinking a lot about how drivers are changing and where brands […]

Young People Driving the Connected Car Revolution? Maybe Not.

Younger people have been first to adopt almost all new technologies, and I expected that it would be no different with the mobility apps and services that are emerging around the connected car ecosystem. I was a bit surprised at what we found in our recent driver survey, fielded by Edison Research and looking specifically […]

Are Consumers Willing to Share Connected Car Data?

By Lisa Joy Rosner, Chief Marketing Officer, Otonomo 2018 has been quite a year for data and privacy news. From high-profile security breaches to the now infamous Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, global consumers have become inundated – and rightfully concerned – around the issue of data protection. To add to the barrage of recent […]

Otonomo Participates in Škoda Press Conference

  Last week, while in Tel Aviv for mobility week, I had the pleasure of spending time with the Škoda team. We met in a hip and funky Mindspace room with built in wooden benches covered in pillows, where journalists from around Europe lounged and listened to Škoda’s innovation vision. Native tongues varied from Czech, […]

Building Consumer Trust in the Era of GDPR: Announcing the Consent Management Hub

Building Consumer Trust in the Era of GDPR: Announcing the Consent Management Hub After years of anticipation, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect this week. And it couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. Recent events have put the spotlight on data privacy, and consumers expect greater transparency from […]

Sharing Otonomo’s Recent Awards and Recognition

  By Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO, Otonomo We’ve been working so hard to build our platform and collaborate with OEMs and app and service providers that we’ve barely had time to talk about it.   Lately, we have had so much great news, we wanted to share it. We’ve been formally recognized by five leading organizations […]

From Data Driven to Driving Data – Helping to Build the First Connected Car Data Marketplace

By Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO, Otonomo I don’t know a throw-out bearing from an alternator, but I do know data. I’ve been a marketing executive for many years and I’ve seen data drive amazing things – saving money, increasing sales, delighting even the most disgruntled customer – but now, I am seeing data save lives. […]

Automobility LA 2017 – otonomo is in the house! And this is how we help to make Smart Cities smarter

The otonomo car data marketplace is in enabling a wealth of mobility providers to interact with the Smart City and transform urban living – on and off the streets. This week at AutoMobility LA, other than making the rounds and being blown away by the sweeping progress being made across the industry, we will be […]

What’s the difference between Mobile Data and Car Data? Here’s a great example.

When introducing the connected car concept, one of the instinctive reactions we hear sometimes is: “But I can do all that with my mobile, can’t I?” For us, this is a great opportunity to elaborate on the differences between car data, and mobile data that is collected while driving or travelling in a vehicle. This screenshot […]

Regulations like GDPR and the SELF DRIVE Act are an opportunity for progress in the connected and autonomous car ecosystem – here’s why we think so.

One of the obstacles to progress in the world of data, and in the connected car market in particular, has always been legislation. The fact that ‘data rights’ have yet to be cemented despite the mega-exponential super-fast growth of the IoT industry – albeit baffling – has been hindering the evolution of the connected car, […]