Hot off the Press from TU Detroit: Emerson vs. The World – A Debate About Car Data Value

At Otonomo, we’re passionate about the endless opportunities to generate value from connected car data. Almost daily, I hear about another startup or industry leader developing an app or service based on car data. So when I was asked to moderate a discussion at this year’s TU-Automotive Detroit conference, I decided to take a deeper […]

How Waycare Uses Otonomo Data for Traffic Management: A Case Study

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Shai Suzan, chief information officer at Waycare at the MOVE conference in London. Waycare is building machine learning algorithms that drive predictive recommendations to improve traffic flows in urban areas. They can predict traffic “hot spots” as early as two hours ahead of time, accelerate emergency […]

PTV and Otonomo Partner to Improve Transportation Planning

I’m always excited to share the successes that our ecosystem partners have achieved in putting connected car data to good use. The PTV Group has decades of experience in planning and optimizing the movement of people and goods, so our collaboration with them has been incredibly valuable in deepening our understanding of the real-world problems […]

5 Ways Road Sign Data Makes Cities Safer

When I’m driving, I’m always on the lookout for unexpected ‘stop’, ‘yield’ or ‘give way’ signs, one-way streets, and posted speed limits. After all, the road signs around us are our guides to moving swiftly and safely. But road signs are valuable for companies and service providers that deal with trucks, cars and consumers, as […]

Collaborating with Deloitte on the Road to Automotive Data Value

The automotive industry is operating at an incredibly high rate of change. When you look at its landscape today—with a shift to electric vehicles (EVs), software-based driving innovations, autonomous driving, ridesharing, and new forms of mobility—you might think of the industry as a racecar and not my steady SUV. Automotive leaders are looking to experts […]

The Value of Neutrality in Automotive Data Services

As we enter 2019, services based on automotive data are quickly evolving from visionary ideas to piloted experiments to mainstream capabilities that will change the driving experience and ultimately our entire system of urban mobility. Like many emerging technology ecosystems, headwinds remain. At Otonomo, we believe in one overarching tenet that will make automotive data […]

Putting Mercedes-Benz Customers in the Driver’s Seat for Innovative Connected Car Services

I’m thrilled to announce that Otonomo has partnered with Daimler AG on a new initiative that will give Mercedes-Benz connected car customers access to innovative new apps for their cars, with built-in safety, security, and privacy management. Mercedes-Benz customers will have the power to give verified apps permission to use connected car data to deliver […]

Anatomy of a Connected Car Owner

As the biggest shopping season of the year kicks off, I’ve been noticing the volume of car commercials everywhere I turn. Cars are becoming increasingly more technologically sophisticated – and so are drivers. As a marketer who is now working in auto-tech, I’ve been thinking a lot about how drivers are changing and where brands […]

Young People Driving the Connected Car Revolution? Maybe Not.

Younger people have been first to adopt almost all new technologies, and I expected that it would be no different with the mobility apps and services that are emerging around the connected car ecosystem. I was a bit surprised at what we found in our recent driver survey, fielded by Edison Research and looking specifically […]

Are Consumers Willing to Share Connected Car Data?

By Lisa Joy Rosner, Chief Marketing Officer, Otonomo 2018 has been quite a year for data and privacy news. From high-profile security breaches to the now infamous Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, global consumers have become inundated – and rightfully concerned – around the issue of data protection. To add to the barrage of recent […]