Regulations like GDPR and the SELF DRIVE Act are an opportunity for progress in the connected and autonomous car ecosystem – here’s why we think so.

One of the obstacles to progress in the world of data, and in the connected car market in particular, has always been legislation. The fact that ‘data rights’ have yet to be cemented despite the mega-exponential super-fast growth of the IoT industry – albeit baffling – has been hindering the evolution of the connected car, […]


  Although the incumbent EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is scheduled to come into effect in the springtime (May 2018), for many companies handling European data, GDPR feels like “winter is coming”. This is particularly true of the vehicle and connected car ecosystem that is concentrating hard on tackling the already complex issue of […]

Announcing Our $25 Million Series B Funding

Today it was announced that otonomo has closed a $25 Million Series B funding round, and we can’t wait to put it to good use as we continue to grow our team in Israel, US, Europe and Asia. otonomo is a young and determined company, which has grown from 0-60mph in the 14 months since its […]

Connected Cars: A Multibillion-Dollar Opportunity

A lot has been said recently about autonomous vehicles. But before we see fully autonomous vehicles on the road at scale, there is another important revolution…