Collaborating with Deloitte On the Road to Automotive Data Value

The automotive industry is operating at an incredibly high rate of change. When you look at its landscape today—with a shift to electric vehicles (EVs), software-based driving innovations, autonomous driving, ridesharing, and new forms of mobility—you might think of the industry as a race car and not my steady SUV. Automotive leaders are looking to experts inside and outside the industry to provide inspiration and support their strategy building efforts, and the experts I’ve worked with at Deloitte are in a great position to help.

In January during CES 2019 in Las Vegas and the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Deloitte published a new thought leadership series in collaboration with Automotive News. You can read it here. Generating value from automotive data is among the many issues that Deloitte tackles. Jeff Hood, Omar Hoda, and Ryan Robinson explore the potential roles that automotive OEMs can play in the connected car value chain and explain how those roles affect the potential revenue that can be generated. They also look at the challenges to generating value from automotive data, including:

  • Who owns the data and who gets to use it?
  • Are consumers willing to pay for connected data services?
  • Whether OEMs should try to own the whole ecosystem (what we at Otonomo call the “walled garden”) or adopt an open platform strategy in partnership with other companies in the ecosystem
  • How to protect the data

At Otonomo, we are excited to be included in the series, discussing the importance of consent management. We have similar thinking when it comes to protecting drivers’ privacy, and it’s just one of the areas of synergy between the Otonomo automotive data services platform and the strategy-building and systems integration capabilities in Deloitte’s Automotive practice.

The Deloitte series is brimming with valuable insights on the automotive ecosystem. I recommend that you give it a read as soon as you can.

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Lisa Joy Rosner | CMO

A passionate data privacy advocate with over 20 years of public and startup company experience marketing big data and analytics, Lisa Joy Rosner is the CMO at Otonomo.

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