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Your Vision, Realized.

We help you connect millions of drivers to dozens of mobility applications and services, transforming the driving experience, with safety and convenience.
Auto OEM’s can realize their connected car vision without worrying about privacy, security, owner consents, or complex integrations with applications and services.

Key features & services

Ultimate Security & Privacy

We understand that your customers’ data is extremely sensitive. That’s why we have implemented the industry’s most stringent security standards and guidelines and the most sophisticated privacy technologies.

No Integration

With otonomo, OEM’s can share car data and significantly improve the car, while they don’t need to worry about complex integrations with applications and service providers. otonomo automatically normalizes the data so all parties can seamlessly communicate via common parameters.

New Revenue Streams

Car data presents new revenue opportunities for car OEM’s. Our car data exchange platform offers the the full management suite for commercializing the data, from packaging and pricing optimization and up to accounting and billing service.

Effortless Compliance

As connected cars’ data usage is becoming a reality, regulators around the world are starting to develop rules and regulations. We are constantly monitoring these regulations to ensure full compliance in every territory.

Endless Applications & Services

From usage based insurance, automatic emergency services, parking, and up to remote onboard diagnostics, and predictive maintenance. otonomo’s marketplace offers the industry’s most comprehensive selection of connected car applications and services.

Rapid Time-to-Market

Get onboard otonomo’s car data exchange in no time and start realizing your futuristic connected car vision today. Accelerate development of new applications in order to meet customer demands and expectations. Build new business models related to connected cars.

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By clicking the "Send" button, I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the otonomo privacy policy