Otonomo has 18 million connected cars

Otonomo Has Reached the 18 Million Car Mark

I’m thrilled to announce that Otonomo has reached the 18 million car mark. Based on our assessments – this is a record in the industry! The Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform now provides multiple car data attributes from around the globe: in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. This data supports app and service providers for a wide scope of use cases that are both aggregated and personal, including smart cities, insurance, mapping, parking and electric vehicles.

When we started Otonomo, we dedicated a lot of our efforts into gaining OEM trust. As a new startup striving to collaborate with 100-year old enterprises, we knew that honest collaboration and accountability would be the cornerstone of our success.

Four years later, I’m proud to say we have established vigorous and reliable relationships with multiple OEMs, TSPs and Fleets. These include those recently announced and more than 20 others that are still under NDA. Together, we are able to offer service providers vehicle data from 18 million cars, across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Offering car “data for good”

Another decision we made early on, was to put drivers first. The data belongs to the drivers and they should be treated with respect and transparency, especially when decisions and actions are taken that are related to their data. We always look to how the use cases we pursue can improve and benefit the drivers and improve their life.

Car data for driver services

After the data is processed by our platform, it can then be used for offering new and innovative services to drivers. These services, like smart cities improvement and electric vehicle management, will help create environment-friendly cities, reduce driver stress as a result of congestion, and reduce the time spent on the roads – leaving more time for family and leisure.

Smart cities and traffic management

Municipalities and traffic control centers that incorporate car data into their mapping layers will be able to reduce road congestion and ensure smoother driving. By using car data, car accidents, hazards, accidents, infrastructure malfunction or traffic slowdowns can be identified in real-time, creating smarter cities.

Let’s take the example of a car accident. Municipalities can not only issue alerts to emergency responders and save lives, but they can also redirect traffic to eliminate the resulting traffic jam, and also ensure ambulances reach the accident location as quickly as possible.

Over time, municipalities and traffic control centers can analyze traffic patterns and improve the streetlight architecture and control. I’d like to invite you to read about how one of our customers, Waycare, used car data to do just that. Click here to access the case study.

Electric vehicles

One of the biggest challenges EV manufacturers have today, is ensuring drivers have adequate charging facilities. EV charging stations are still spread out, and charging can take a few hours.

By using car data, EV service providers can intelligently direct EV drivers to the nearest charging station according to their scheduling needs. One of our customers, MakeMyDay, does just that. For charging station owners, car data advises where to optimally place charging stations, to distribute energy across the grid.


Insurers can use car data to provide innovative, tailored insurance policies to drivers, based on how much they actually drive, also known as PAYD (Pay As You Drive) or PHYD (Pay How You Drive) where the driver driving style is also taken into account. Car data also assists with mileage verification. In addition, car data can inform of car theft and provide car crash details, assisting with claims processing, accident reconstruction, and advanced underwriting models. Read more.

These are just a few examples. You can find a more complete list of potential use cases for vehicle data here.

Thank you

I’d like to thank all of our ecosystem partners that have believed in our vision for revolutionizing the connected car industry; the 18 million mark is important for us and represent the hard work of the team here at Otonomo and the technology we build to enable this. We look forward to reaching even bigger milestones soon.

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A serial entrepreneur, Ben has founded four successful companies and is the CEO and Founder of Otonomo.

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