Otonomo is Collaborating with Microsoft to Transform the Driving Experience

Otonomo is Collaborating with Microsoft to Transform the Driving Experience

Otonomo has been exchanging ideas with Microsoft about the future of connected cars almost since the inception of our company. Our vision about the future of driving is that the opportunities are endless but that respect for driver privacy needs to always come first. That’s why I’m excited to announce that we’ll be collaborating with Microsoft on its Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform to expand the range of services available to automotive OEMs and to accelerate market adoption of such services and optimization solutions based on automotive data.

The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform combines advanced cloud and edge computing services with a strong partner network to empower automotive companies to build connected driving experiences.

Bring more services to market faster

Through our new collaboration with Microsoft, we enable OEMs to quickly and easily make their connected car data more valuable for more next-generation services. Patented technology within our platform reshapes and enriches data that was designed for vehicle operations so that it can be more easily applied to other use cases, from personal services like subscription-based fueling or EV charging, to optimization solutions relying on aggregate, anonymous data, such as smart city applications and traffic management.

Protecting driver data and respecting privacy

Security and privacy are the real must-haves for the connected vehicle ecosystem. Otonomo takes driver protection to the next level with two key capabilities that will also integrate with the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform:

  • The Otonomo Consent Management Hub, which provides a simple to use, straightforward process for drivers to grant or revoke permission for specific services that consume personal automotive data
  • The Otonomo Dynamic Anonymization Engine, which applies a sophisticated combination of anonymization techniques at a use-case level, so that aggregate connected car data can be used for more applications without compromising privacy

Learn more about Otonomo‘s collaboration with Microsoft

If you’d like to learn more about our collaboration with Microsoft, please be sure to reach out to my team at Otonomo. Our engines are running!

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Ben Volkow

A serial entrepreneur, Ben has founded four successful companies and is the CEO and Founder of Otonomo.

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