Privacy Policy 

Otonomo GmbH and its parent company and its affiliates (“Otonomo”) own and operate a cloud-based marketplace for car-generated data (the “Service”).

Otonomo receives your personal data from FCA Italy S.p.A, to provide our Service.  This privacy policy supplements FCA’s privacy policy.

We do not receive identifiers, such as your name, your car’s license plate number, any government issued IDs, telephone numbers and addresses, without receiving appropriate assurances that you have explicitly consented to provide such details.

We will receive vehicle-generated data such as car make, car model, geo-coding country and city, longitudes and latitudes of the vehicle location, RPM, battery voltage, fuel level, vertical and longitudinal acceleration and altitude, other vehicle sensor’s data.

Following receipt of your personal data, it will be processed by Otonomo, such that the processed information will not include any information that is directly connected to you (such as license plate, vehicle identity number, etc.). We will also blur the data such that it will be much harder to identify, relate to, describe or be linked to you. Please note that the effectivity of our processing might degrade in rural locations.

The Processed Data will be used by Otonomo for various and diverse use-cases, such as:

  • insights and knowledge about the use of vehicles, traffic flow management, urban planning, parking management, automated road tolls, road infrastructure maintenance and improvement, car-design improvements;
  • usage insights and electrical vehicle infrastructure insights;
  • data analytics for store location and opening hours optimization, audience measurements for measuring radio listening habits and generating radio ratings for commercial, media spend optimization, and content production.
  • sensor-based analysis of right of way for utility companies surveying sites for installation of items such as transmission lines.
  • Keeping critical road information updated, including speed limits and temporary road and speed changes caused by construction work. optimizing on and off-street parking vacancies and better estimating parking lot availability. Helping drivers locate available parking spots on the street or in parking lots and reduce city congestion.
  • insights such as dangerous road assessment, emergency and roadside assistance, as well as to analyze road and traffic management issues. Identifying, reacting and investigating car accidents faster.
  • predicting traffic patterns, gaining accurate and real time street level insights, and reducing traffic congestion and optimizing road conditions.
  • weather research and weather prediction by collecting weather related information such as temperature, pressure, and precipitation in order to build more accurate weather maps and predictions and produce hyperlocal forecasts.

If you have any inquiries or questions about this policy, please contact our Privacy Officer at: for further information.