PTV and Otonomo Partner to Improve Transportation Planning

I’m always excited to share the successes that our ecosystem partners have achieved in putting connected car data to good use. The PTV Group has decades of experience in planning and optimizing the movement of people and goods, so our collaboration with them has been incredibly valuable in deepening our understanding of the real-world problems that car data solves. We recently published a case study that delves into the new capabilities PTV is building with data from the Otonomo Platform.

New Depths to Transportation Planning and Optimization

PTV has long tapped into many data sources—from demographic data to road information and traffic flows of commercial and private vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and public transportation—to build its planning and optimization models. Recognizing the importance of accurate and comprehensive data from commercial and passenger vehicles, the company looked to Otonomo for more efficient ways to access connected car data. We started our collaboration in early 2018, and it gained speed throughout last year.

PTV’s use cases include:

  • Traffic planning
  • Transport network modeling and simulation
  • Real-time traffic management
  • Mobility-as-a-service
  • Logistics and fleet management

Collaborating on a Growing Set of Use Cases

PTV has taken a step-by-step approach to using Otonomo data in different aspects of its software. So far, it has:

  • Calibrated existing traffic models and created data quality measurements
  • Developed new sellable projects based on connected car data within a short, three-month period

The company also expects to bring new software offerings to market faster. According to Carmen Nowack, solution director, data at PTV, “Seeing more data gives us new ideas about what we could do with it.”

The Benefits of a Single Source of Car Data

PTV’s experience also illustrates the benefits of relying on a single source of car data, with one business relationship and one integration. Nowack told me, “The most important benefit is that I don’t need to address the unique requirements of individual data providers – Otonomo does that for me. Instead of performing data research, we can utilize more time for business development.”

Read the Full Case Study

I encourage you to learn more about our collaboration with PTV Group by reading the full case study. If you’re a member of our ecosystem, we’d love to talk to you about your use cases!

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Ben Volkow

A serial entrepreneur, Ben has founded four successful companies and is the CEO and Founder of Otonomo.

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