Connected Construction Equipment
Use Cases

Grow a new ecosystem of services around connected construction equipment fleets

Construction equipment manufacturers now ship almost all of their new equipment with embedded telematics. The data from connected equipment delivers value to a broad ecosystem of companies that help contractors increase profitability, utilize construction equipment fleets more efficiently, improve jobsite safety, and reduce risk. The Otonomo Platform makes this data available for new applications and analytics.

Ready to learn more about or construction equipment data?

  • Real-Time and Historical

    Access to both real-time and historical data facilitates faster, deeper trend analysis.

  • Enriched Datasets

    With unique technology to aggregate, cleanse, and reshape construction equipment data, you get faster value.

  • Unique Aggregations

    Geofencing and precise polygons, which assign meaningful locations to geohashes, simplify analyses and machine learning algorithms.


Connected Construction Vehicle Data is Used for:

  • Theft Prevention and Recovery

    Set up geofencing that triggers real-time events as soon as equipment leaves its assigned jobsite. Use location data to recover stolen equipment.
  • Accident Reconstruction

    Provide detailed information about equipment movement and condition to assist contractors, insurers, and public agencies with accident reconstruction. Build best practices to reduce the incidence of future accidents.
  • Insurance Underwriting

    Precisely characterize risk based on location data and movement, equipment utilization, operating behaviors, and other data points. Increase underwriting accuracy and offer the most competitive premiums to contractors.
  • Construction Equipment Fleet Management

    Deploy equipment more efficiently across jobsites. Coordinate all assets in a consistent manner, across multiple OEMs and rented equipment. Improve maintenance planning. Take advantage of smart fueling services that deliver fuel just when it’s needed.
  • Responsive Construction Suppliers

    Develop lead generation algorithms that can detect the type of work being performed in the local area by identifying active construction equipment and suggest products and services to help the job get done.
  • Economic Trend Analysis

    Tap into a leading indicator of economic activity in a geographic area—active construction sites. Employ algorithms to predict future economic activity and trends.

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