Connected Car Data for
Parking Solutions

Make parking a faster and easier experience in urban environments

Within urban areas, parking is often one of the biggest driving headaches. With mapping and car data available through the Otonomo Platform, companies can build solutions that identify open parking spaces and streamline the entire parking experience. These solutions save time and money for drivers and fleets, reduce congestion and pollution in urban areas, and make city driving a more enjoyable experience.

Ready to test connected car data for your parking solution?

  • Centralized Data Access

    Access comprehensive, accurate car data from multiple OEMs using a single integration.
  • Precise Datasets

    Take advantage of the work we’ve already done to reshape automotive data to provide precise parking locations.
  • Privacy by Design

    Otonomo uniquely supports de-identified data for aggregate parking analysis along with consent management for personalized parking services.

Parking Solutions Can Use Connected Car Data for:

  • Open Space Detection

    Combine data from cars with mapping information to guide drivers to open parking spaces in an urban area.
  • Automated Parking Payment

    Use car data to detect when a vehicle enters or leaves a parking spot. Calculate the correct payment based on the time in the spot and the appropriate rate.
  • Consolidated View of Parking Costs

    Gain a single view of parking transactions across all vehicles in a fleet when using automated parking payments.
  • Congestion Management

    Approximately 30% of traffic in cities is caused by people searching for parking. Help drivers find spots faster.

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