Fueling the Connected Car Revolution

otonomo’s data exchange and marketplace platform enables car manufacturers, service providers and application developers to safely exchange car-generated data for a better connected-car experience.

Car-generated data requires
a specialized solution

  • Private

    otonomo takes care of all data privacy requirements. From data obfuscation to anonymization, data is shared with service providers on a need to know basis only.

  • Innovative

    Ensuring compliance to local and global regulations concerning privacy, security, safety and more.

  • Secure

    Developed using the ‘security by design’ approach, otonomo`s solution is implementing the most advanced security standards and guidelines of the industry.

  • Compliant

    Make mobility safer, convenient and more efficient. Introduce new services and build an ongoing relationship with customers

  • Seamlessly Accessible

    Data is normalized to make sure everyone speaks the same language, minimizing integration time and maximizing accessibility.

  • Comprehensive

    An end-to-end solution that includes integrated marketplace, accounting and billing, car owner approvals, and much more.

Simplifying integration of connected car services

Car Data Marketplace

otonomo’s marketplace enables trading of car-generated data between car manufacturers and app developers/service providers. Car data parameters can be packaged into data bundles and transferred,
while maintaining specific rules concerning privacy, car owner consent, security and more.

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