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Access data from consenting BMW and MINI customers to drive personalized service.

Explore Dozens of Data Attributes to Create Innovative Personal Services

Use CaseDescription
On-Demand Smart EV ChargingProvide mobile charging for fleets and corporate campuses to save infrastructure costs and improve employee productivity.
Reduce drivers’ energy bills by automatically charging within the least expensive energy hours.
On-Demand FuelingDeliver fuel directly to parked vehicles to save time and reduce unnecessary driving.
On-Demand Smart FuelingCreate mobile fueling services that anticipate fueling needs, keeping the driver on the road instead of waiting at the pump.
Pay-asYouDrive (PAYD)Dynamically calculate insurance premiums based on actual distances driven.
Mileage VerificationImprove insurance risk indicators with actual distances driven.
On-Demand Washing Services.Conveniently schedule, track, and pay for car wash services at the time and location of driver’s choosing.
Parking PaymentsAutomatically start and stop parking sessions and payments.
In-Car Delivery ServicesEnable retailers to deliver goods directly to a driver’s car.
Vehicle Lock StatusImprove security and prevent theft with real-time lock status tracking.

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