Urban Intelligence

Urban Intelligence for Cities and Transportation Networks

Plan cities and transportation networks based on real multimodal needs and preferences

Transportation and city planners need visibility into mobility needs and multi-modal demand. This is necessary for planning and operating an effective and sustainable transportation network. Today, the available data is typically outdated and statistically insignificant, because it is based on manual surveys and sensors.

The Otonomo Urban Intelligence solution delivers up-to-date, actionable mobility insights supporting data-driven, strategic decisions and accurate, measurable hyper-local network design.

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  • Demand Discovery

    Data-driven planning based on visibility into mobility patterns.

  • Modal Split

    Measure and track neighborhood level multimodal split.

  • Persona Insights

    Increase service accessibility by understanding first and last mile intent

  • Mobility Insights

    Scale modal-shift and network efficiency with Multi-Modal demand insights


Plan cities and transportation networks using:

  • Mobility demand for data driven planning

    Each Origin and Destination (OD) node in the network shows demand for that pair. Origin- via-Destination includes a point along the (OD) route to be included in the analysis.

  • Efficient deployment of stations, fleets and public transportation networks

    Measure traffic volumes without deploying physical sensors. Compare historical metrics with up-to-date trends.

  • Better service for riders, drivers and visitors needs

    Understand the persona, socio-demographics, lifestyle and visitation behavior of the rider community, and the driving and visitation activity in the target geography.

  • Increased modal-shift and network efficiency

    Identify multimodal preferences, traffic patterns, visitor and residents needs. Understand the full impact on the local economy to attract investment and garner support for elected officials.

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Checkout Otonomo’s Multi-layered Vehicle Data

Tap into Otonomo’s application ready, multi-layered road data for urban intelligence to fuel numerous use cases, including Traffic Management, Smart Cities and Urban Planning, Safety and Emergency solutions, Location Intelligence and many more

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