Connected Car Data for
Media Measurement

Develop new, more accurate media measurement models

Otonomo is partnering with media measurement leaders and innovators to bring a new set of media measurement capabilities to life. Using aggregate automotive data generated by connected cars and reshaped in a standard data format, your company can create measurements and analytics that take into account trips and location data, as well as events within the vehicle, such as audio system usage.

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  • Simplified Data Access

    Access data from multiple OEMs through a single integration. No need to conduct multiple business negotiations or build to disparate APIs.

  • Normalized, Enriched Datasets

    Access reshaped data to more easily create consistent measurements. Simplify analysis with enrichments, such as appended location information and trips aggregation.

  • Dynamically De-Identified Data

    Respect drivers’ privacy expectations. Access data without the information that could potentially identify drivers, while maintaining the data’s usability for media measurement.


Connected Car Data is Used in Media Measurement for:

  • Media Measurement

    Use connected car data to generate insights about in-vehicle listening habits. Measure the reach of advertising within precise geographic locations.
  • Rich Analytics

    Segment insights by location, time of day, trip length, car make or model, and more to deliver more relevant, personalized offers.
  • Ad Attribution

    Measure the effectiveness of campaigns based on accurate listening information captured from connected car infotainment platforms.

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Drive Time Metrics Partners with Otonomo

Drive Time Metrics will use data from Otonomo’s Automotive Data Service Platform to provide blurred in-vehicle listening insights and analytics to the media industry.


Dynamic Blurring Engine

The Otonomo Dynamic Blurring Engine uses sophisticated combinations of blurring techniques to make aggregated automotive data usable and valuable for media measurement and reporting.


Avis Budget Group Partnership

Avis has a fleet from multiple OEMs, covering 4 billion road miles and expected to generate data from 7 billion road miles when the fleet is fully connected in 2020.