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Otonomo traffic data includes both real-time and historical data that is cleansed, normalized, aggregated, and enriched with geocoding information so that it’s easy for you to get started.

Use Case Description
Traffic Management Keep traffic flowing with real-time traffic optimization, efficient traffic light controls, road information, congestion notifications, etc.
Location Intelligence Get valuable insights about traffic flows around a specific point of interest (POI). Improve property analysis, retail planning, and asset utilization. Identify shopper behavior to optimize store operations and measure effectiveness for out-of-home (OOH) advertising.
Business Research Create analyses of asset utilization and build traffic data into algorithms that predict financial success.
Smart Cities and Urban Planning Create a wide variety of data-driven solutions for improving quality of life in urban areas with better transportation, less congested urban areas, reduced environmental footprint, and more.
Navigation Improve the precision of estimated times of arrival, optimize routes, and incorporate last-mile navigation to parking spots into navigation systems.
Safety & Emergency Solutions Improve emergency response times, cut congestion, spotlight problem areas for transportation planners, and save lives with traffic data.

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