Connected Car Data for
Location Intelligence

See patterns about location from big data generated by cars

Location intelligence applications rely on big datasets that can be expensive to obtain and difficult to update in real time. Otonomo provides access to a new market research input to understand traffic around commercial centers: real-time and historical data generated by connected cars. This data supplements traditional sources to help you measure location potential, customer traffic, and behavior around a physical space.

Ready to enhance your location intelligence applications with connected car data?

  • Dense Datasets

    Get better coverage with data from multiple OEM and fleet sources accessible through a single interface with a standards-based API.

  • Precise Data

    With unique technology to aggregate, cleanse, and enrich data and to tie it to very specific locations, you can focus on building your data models and algorithms.

  • Blurring Engine

    Protect driver privacy through de-identifying data to meet the specific needs of your location intelligence use case.


Location Intelligence Applications Can Use Connected Car Data for:

  • Retail Planning

    Measure location and potential, customer traffic, and shopper behaviors so you can determine the best store locations, deepen competitive intelligence, and optimize store operations.
  • Real Estate

    Gain actionable insights to identify investment opportunities and improve property analyses. Understand movement in and around a particular commercial center or neighborhood.
  • Energy & Infrastructure

    Incorporate the most accurate mobility data into planning models. Make informed decisions, monitor assets, and measure activity in near-real time.
  • Advertising Measurement

    Measure audience potential and effectiveness for out-of-home (OOH) advertising.
  • Financial Services

    Analyze asset utilization and improve algorithms that predict financial success.

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