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Easily Access, Integrate & Explore

Car-generated data is sensitive, yet it can open a new world of applications and services, improve car safety, reliability and convenience. otonomo’s Connected Car Data Marketplace was designed to help auto OEMs and mobility service providers navigate the fine line between privacy, security, and the empowerment of new applications and services.

Our Platform

Navigating the fine line between access & privacy


Multi-layered Security

Based on the industry’s security standards otonomo provides a multi-layered security approach that includes strong encryption, layer 7 Firewall, data anonymization, field validations, and more.

Simplified Data Access

otonomo’s marketplace packages car-generated data parameters into data bundles. Service providers can subscribe to these data bundles and receive aggregated anonymized data and data from specific car owners (pending the OEM and car owners approval). In addition, they can get reports, analytics and notifications tailored for their specific needs

Data Anonymization

otonomo has a patent pending technology for the anonymization of private data. Any sensitive identifiable data that is requested is processed into a complex hash function that translates the data into an unbreakable long-hashed number. So even if the data were to be compromised in transit, it will not contain any identifiable data.

Rich & Intuitive API

Car OEMs and service providers and market managers all have their own API interface that enables comprehensive access to otonomo’s data exchange.

Real-time Policy Enforcement Engine

Using its advanced 4x4 Real-time Policy-enforcement Engine, otonomo’s platform ensures compliance to regulations, and complete control over data privacy from both the OEM and the car owner’s perspectives. Otonomo’s Rule Engine incorporates privacy and security rules and regulations, and converts them into actionable actions.

Data Normalization

Without comprehensive global standards for managing data, every car manufacturer has its own data structure, making it difficult to integrate with apps and services. otonomo does this heavy lifting translating all data into a “normalized” language that everyone can speak.

White-label Owners’ Consent App

Through a special mobile app car owners can have full control over the data that is shared with service providers. The app can be white-labeled and its functionality can be integrated with the car OEM’s own mobile app.

Auditing & Billing

otonomo also takes care of the commercialization aspect of the car data exchange, offering comprehensive auditing and billing functionality within the otonomo platform based on agreed prices between the various parties.

Data Consumer

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