Reshaping car data to drive value

The Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform uses patented technology to ingest, secure, cleanse, normalize, aggregate, and enrich car data from multiple sources. It delivers application-ready, enriched datasets and insights and eliminates a significant amount of the development work needed to launch apps and services based on connected car data.


Privacy and Security by Design

The Otonomo Platform provides secure data management and gives drivers granular controls over how their personal automotive data is shared. Patented technology performs data blurring for use cases requiring blurred data.


Otonomo Consent
Management Hub

helps drivers grant or revoke access to
personal data


Otonomo Dynamic
Blurring Engine

opens up a wide variety of use cases for
aggregate automotive data


Neutral Platform

Many mobility services can’t operate well without data from multiple automotive manufacturers (OEMs). Yet individual OEMs lack incentives to consolidate each others’ data. As a neutral third party, Otonomo aligns OEMs and the multitude of valuable apps and services that use car data. Third-party apps and services gain easy data access, while OEMs maintain control over which services can access their data.

Self-Serve Data Platform

Our platform uses patented technology to cleanse, normalize, and enrich automotive data so that it is immediately usable by our ecosystem partners. We build enriched datasets that incorporate third-party sources and aggregated events and metrics for key use cases to save time and cost in development processes.

Featured Dataset

Mercedes-Benz Data

Build new products for Mercedes-Benz customers, including pay-as-you-drive insurance.


Speedy Data Integration

With a simple API to access automotive data, developers can quickly plug into the Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform and consistently access the data they need to run their services.

Otonomo Supports the ACEA Neutral Server Initiative

This industry initiative, supported by the European Union, gives OEMs a path to make automotive data available to interested third-party service providers in a safe and secure manner, without requiring those third parties to sign a contract with a vehicle manufacturer.


Network Effect

Building a network takes effort, because the value to all participants and incentives to participate grow exponentially as more partners engage. By transforming automotive data from disparate sources into standardized forms that can be easily used by data consumers, Otonomo extracts maximum value for everyone in the network.

Auditing and Billing

Otonomo also simplifies the commercialization of connected car data with integrated auditing and billing and contractual support. This simplifies business model integration for a growing set of ecosystem participants leveraging data from vehicles.


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