Fleet Data:
Connected Vehicle Data for Efficient Fleet Management

Fine-tune your fleet operations and generate new revenue sources

Otonomo is powering next-generation light commercial vehicle (LCV) and car fleet management capabilities based on connected car data. The connected car space is evolving from aftermarket telematics devices (OBD dongles and black boxes) to embedded devices that are fitted to the car in the factory. By working with Otonomo, fleets will be able to phase out aftermarket devices and get high-quality OEM data that offers fleet management applications game-changing data quality, granularity, and freshness. Fleets will be able to operate more effectively, manage assets more efficiently, enhance driver safety, and cut costs.
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  • Uniform Access

    Build a single integration to ingest data from multiple OEMs. Avoid OBDs and point-to-point integrations.

  • Smarter Datasets

    Securely access data that’s already cleansed, harmonized, and enriched so fleet operations run better.

  • Higher Data Utilization

    Realize more value from the vehicle data you’re already collecting by putting it to new uses.


Fleet Management Systems and Fleet Managers Can Use Car Data For:

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking

    Track the location of vehicles in your fleet in real time. Use this data to optimize routes and predict demand through your fleet management system (FMS).

  • Remote Diagnostics

    Monitor the health of your fleet in real time. View the meaning of trouble codes generated by your vehicles, understand the potential severity of issues, and track actions that can be taken.

  • Driver Safety Monitoring

    Receive real-time accident notifications. Monitor seatbelt use and safe driving habits. Offer feedback to drivers to guide them on safe habits.

  • Automated Parking Payments

    Use location data emitted from your vehicles to detect when a vehicle enters a municipal parking spot and automatically pay for parking at the correct rate.

  • Fuel Management

    Observe fuel states or remaining charge on electric vehicles. Alert drivers and guide them to the best fueling facility. Detect fuel theft.

  • EV Route Planning

    Operate electrified fleets more efficiently, optimizing their routes to minimize time or minimize costs, depending on what is being transported. Let drivers know when and where to charge.

  • Fleet Electrification

    Efficiently convert your fleet to electric vehicles. Make data-driven decisions on how to invest in EVs and where to place fleet-owned charging points.

  • Hours of Service Tracking for Compliance

    Automate trip and driver data uploads to your Electronic Logging Device (ELD) software. Access Hours of Service tracking in real time and efficiently manage compliance requirements.

  • Vehicle Usage Monitoring

    Track vehicle locations to detect theft or unauthorized vehicle use. Get customized location alerts when vehicles enter or leave designated areas or deviate from planned routes.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Predict when a vehicle will likely experience a fault or need maintenance, based on diagnostic trouble codes and statistical inference from historical trends.

  • Remote Disable Support

    Locate and remotely disable leased or rented vehicles in cases of theft or non-payment.

  • Residual Value Optimization

    Help a lessee identify when to renew a lease, not based on months used or miles driven but on maximized residual value. Identify the optimal time to replace the vehicle to maximize its remarketing value.

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