Increase Road Safety with Real-Time Road Hazard
and Weather Data

Detect and alert on weather, breakdowns and traffic events

Gain Access to Valuable Weather and Road Hazard Events

With driver safety at the forefront detect and receive alerts on weather, breakdowns and traffic events. Harness real-time road hazard, weather conditions, including temperature, generated by vehicles throughout Europe and North America.  Connected car data can be used a powerful diagnostics tool, the data is cleansed, normalized and readily available through a simple API.

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Use Case Description
Mapping Map weather conditions and obstacles along the road to alert drivers in advance of upcoming dangerous road conditions and facilitate safer driving experiences.
Road Safety Detect road conditions ahead of time to prioritize maintenance and alert drivers. Reduce the number of traffic fatalities by alerting municipalities and road operators on ad hoc events that may trigger accidents, such as slippery roads, poor visibility due to fog, vehicles stalled on the side of the road and the like.
Accident Investigation Speed up police and insurance investigations by providing accurate car and road conditions at the time of the accident.
Accident Predictions Leverage aggregate weather events, which are a major contributor of road accidents, severe injuries, and casualties, to predict freeway accident probability and significantly optimize freeway and urban road operations
Smart Cities Reduce urban emission and fuel consumption by alerting drivers to road conditions to avoid surprises, sudden brakes and unnecessary acceleration.
Route Optimization Merge temperature data with routing algorithms to automatically adjust routes based on real-time road conditions or predicted road conditions at the time of arrival.

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