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Mercedes-Benz Data

Mercedes-Benz customers can now grant data access to Mercedes-Benz data products in order to take advantage of third-party applications that have integrated with the Otonomo Neutral Server Platform.

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Everything you need to build innovative services for Mercedes-Benz drivers using proven Otonomo APIs.

Explore Live APIs and Data Bundles

API/Data Bundle NameDescriptionAttributes
Insurance (Pay-as-you-drive)Develop customized insurance products that are related to the precise distance covered.Odometer, Timestamp
Fuel StatusPersonalized service based on actual fuel level and remaining distance.Fuel Status, Remaining Distance, Timestamp
Electric VehicleDevelop smart charging services for Electric Vehicle drivers.State of Charge (SOC), Remaining Distance, Timestamp
Vehicle Lock StatusRetrieve information on the vehicle Lock Status to implement security and theft prevention applications.Door Lock Status, Trunk Lock Status, Gas Lock Status, Heading, Timestamp
Vehicle StatusRetrieve information to observe potential damage or security issues remotely.Status of the Window, Doors, Interior lights, Light Switch Position, Deck Lid, Sun Roof / Convertible T, Timestamp

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