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4 billion road miles, across multiple OEMS, full of insights

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Access vehicle data from a fleet covering 4 billion road miles, and grew to 7 billion in 2020. Read the blog post and the press release.

Use Case Description
Traffic Management for Smart Cities Identify traffic flows and congestion through urban environments and highways to adjust streetlights and issue safety alerts.
Municipal Planning Create long-term infrastructure and transportation plans based on real, comprehensive and accurate vehicle data.
Hospitality Planning Identify potential resting or leisure areas: lodging, refreshments, transportation, and more.
Driver Safety Identify safety hazards and equip drivers with essential information and safety alerts to keep them safe. Use information to actively manage hazards on time.
Mapping Services Keep critical road information updated.
Vehicle Health Get up-to-date, accurate information about vehicle health according to make and model, directly from the vehicle.
Parking Leverage car data to make parking faster and easier.
Research & Analysis Use rich data captured directly from vehicles to analyze and gain insights about locations, makes and models, and more.

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