Mobility Intelligence for
Transportation Planners and Mobility Operators

Gain unprecedented visibility into mobility needs and multimodal demand with mobility intelligence

Otonomo’s mobility data and intelligence are transforming vast amounts of anonymized, crowdsourced mobility data and activity signals into actionable, impactful and monetizable insights. 

The comprehensive mobility intelligence supports transportation planners, mobility operators and organizations with valuable insights that power data-driven decisions. 

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Transportation planners and mobility operators can gain actionable insights for optimizing:

  • Urban Planning

    Leverage up-to-date visibility into mobility patterns and gain actionable mobility insights to effectively deploy stations, fleets and public transportation networks. Increase service accessibility  and network efficiency.

  • EV Adoption

    gain visibility into mobility patterns and charging demand. Optimally deploy EV charging stations to maximize performance and service accessibility and drive ROI.

  • Maas Transportation

    Maximize ridership and optimize operational efficiency for increased ROI. Capture demand and pinpoint optimal pickup points. Optimize service expansion and station reallocation.

Checkout Otonomo’s Road Data

Otonomo’s application ready, multi-layered road data for mobility intelligence includes: 

EV data, Road Sign data, Hazard data, Traffic data and more

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