Fleet Solution

Multi-Brand Vehicle Data for Fleet Management Systems

Future-Proof Fleet Management with Multi-Brand, Embedded Vehicle Data

Gain access to rich datasets, bespoke fleet features, and an ecosystem of value-added service partners with Otonomo’s fleet solution. Fleets use Otonomo’s cleansed and harmonized embedded vehicle data to optimize fleet operations, reduce maintenance costs, enhance driver safety and improve productivity, while seamlessly maintaining regulatory
It’s hassle-free, hardware-free and there are no upfront costs.

Fast Integration and Access to Multi-Brand Vehicles

  • One contract

    Covers an entire multi-brand fleet, eliminating tedious and expensive legal work with multiple OEMs.
  • One data dictionary

    Harmonizes multiple attribute names, formats, and units from numerous automotive brands.
  • One consent management interface

    Simplifies and streamlines consent flow with multiple OEMs.
  • Single API set call for multiple vehicle attributes

    Facilitates access to automotive data.
  • Vehicle model exploration and simulated vehicle testing

    Verify that embedded vehicle data is available to fleet vehicles.

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Fleet-Optimized Vehicle Management and Compliance

Instant, single interaction consent and revoke management for thousands of fleet vehicles across multiple OEMS, eases regulatory compliance across geographies.

Speedy onboarding and de-fleeting management as well as ownership verification are available through a dashboard or using API calls for directly connecting with fleet management systems.

Fleet-Tailored Access & Management

Multiple data delivery methods to cater to your fleet management needs.

  • Continuously stream real-time data through a Streaming API.

  • Real-time, single or bulk status queries through Pull APIs or a dashboard

  • Geofencing reports and queries are available via an API call or a dashboard 

  • Optional historical and near real-time aggregate vehicle data

  • Optional trip aggregation to simplify processing and cut costs

Usage Visibility

Detailed usage report includes monthly consented VINs, Active VINs and Vehicle Status Calls.

Ecosystem of Value-Added Services

Easy access to an ecosystem of integrated, value-added services that utilize embedded vehicle data to offer solutions for fleets, such as EV services, on-demand fueling, parking, tire management and the like.

Fuel the future of connected fleets

Save time and expenses with readily accessible vehicle data
and fleet-tailored features