Otonomo Driver Pledge

Putting privacy first in the connected car data ecosystem

Almost every new car sold today is connected — that is, computerized, gathering data, and sending it to the cloud. Connected cars generate huge volumes of data from electronic control units (ECUs), controller access networks (CANs), and even infotainment systems. This data may be combined into bulk data to be analyzed and blurred, or it may be personal information that is owned by individual consumers. Both blurred and personal car data is being put to good use and opening up a whole new world of apps and services designed to make life better for consumers.

The Otonomo Driver Pledge

Otonomo understands that in order to give drivers the experiences and benefits they want, the companies that manage and use connected car data need to earn their trust. We are committed to protecting consumers. We have built our platform with our driver pledge front and center.

  • Control. We provide auto manufacturers with software that gives you the power to give or take away access to your personal data by specific companies or services, at any time, through a simple web or app interface. Learn more about our consent management technology.
  • Transparency. Companies using the Otonomo Platform give you a clear view into exactly what personal car data will be shared, how, and with whom.
  • Security. Otonomo secures all the data it manages, from the moment it enters our platform. We use recognized security best practices in our platform and have a team of security professionals on staff

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