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In the News

  • We already give up our privacy to use phones, why not with cars too?

    Lisa Joy Rosner, chief marketing officer of US-Israeli startup Otonomo, says that other uses could include locations of parking spaces; automation of on-demand fueling, a service already offered via smartphone app in some parts of the US; and software fixes when data from cars show a part is reacting to certain temperatures, based on location.

  • Your smart car could be sharing information about you

    The latest “smart” technology in cars transmits all kinds of data, such as the car’s condition and location, and that could be shared with everyone from your insurance company to advertisers and authorities. TODAY national correspondent Craig Melvin reports.

  • Big Brother is driving you: how vehicles harvest data to sell

    The beat generation imagined disappearing into the night on an open road and countless baby boomers rejoiced in the freedom granted by a car with a full tank of petrol. “I’m on my way,” Paul Simon sang. “Don’t know where I’m going.” None of them seems to have imagined that their car would record the […]

  • Tough commute? otonomo delivers data to power a smoother drive

    By 2020, a quarter billion cars worldwide – or 1 in 5 cars – will have wireless connectivity, according to research and advisory firm Gartner. All those connected cars will produce an enormous amount of data, with sensors and cameras measuring and recording everything from traffic and weather to fuel and car performance. They’ll track your […]

  • Connected Cars May Be The Next Marketing Battleground Says Veteran CMO

    When Lisa Joy Rosner decided to join Otonomo, she knew she would be taking her data-driven marketing experience forged at Nuestar and NetBase into uncharted territory — the connected car. Gartner projects that over 50 million connected cars are sold each year in the US and Europe with each vehicle producing as much as 50 […]

  • Movers & Shakers Interview with otonomo

    The connected and autonomous world of tomorrow will generate tremendous amounts of data, and data monetization will be a substantial portion of manufacturers’ revenue in the future. otonomo would like to capitalize on the first- mover advantage and be the one-stop destination for the car data needs of customers from various industries. We believe that […]

  • Are Car Companies Going To Profit From Your Driving Data?

    A recently completed Frost & Sullivan report on “Data Monetization in Cars”, focusing on pricing and business models, indicates that if all the connected vehicles with the ability to capture certain data types were monetized, the overall opportunity would amount to ~$33 billion by 2025.

  • Cars Suck Up Data About You. Where Does It All Go?

    Cars have become rolling listening posts. They can track phone calls and texts, log queries to websites, record what radio stations you listen to — even tell you when you are breaking the law by exceeding the speed limit.

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