Connected Vehicle Data Use Cases

Put application-ready data to work in innovative mobility services

Connected Vehicle Data Use Cases

Get data and insights about events on the road and in the car

Smart Cities

Reduce congestion and pollution while increasing safety and efficiency for drivers and residents. Incorporating data from vehicles into smart city solutions provides deeper insight for congestion management, traffic flow optimization and route optimization, transportation system planning, emissions management, parking management, and more. 

Traffic Management

Develop advanced traffic management systems that incorporate connected car data into along with sensors and other sources. Improve real-time traffic flows, efficient traffic light controls, public transport, and dynamic signage.

Safety & Emergency Solutions

Improve response times, reduce congestion, decrease property damage, and save lives with connected car data. Information like airbag triggering, hard braking, speed, and location give emergency responders a headstart and also identify problem areas to transportation planners.

Fleet Management

Operate and manage fleet assets more efficiently by accessing data without the need for telematics. Automate driver tasks such as parking or road usage tax payments or hours of service tracking for compliance. Improve driver safety monitoring, vehicle tracking, fuel management, and remote diagnostics. 

Mapping & Planning Solutions

Aggregate, blurred data generated by cars offers much deeper insights than simply tracking traffic speed. Capture location and environment information from connected cars to efficiently develop and update HD maps. Look at detailed traffic movements and the amount of time that drivers and passengers remain in an area in order to make smart decisions about opening or relocating commercial sites. 

Electric Vehicle (EV) Services

Improve EV drivers’ experience when charging their vehicles and make EVs much more convenient to own. Optimally place EV charging stations to distribute energy across the grid by using historical EV traffic data. Offer EV charging applications that simplify the driver experience and stage charging to minimize energy costs.  

Innovative Insurance

Use connected car data to increase profitability and create better policyholder experiences. Connected car data provides a deeper and much more accurate view into driving behavior and can be used for pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) and pay-how-you-drive (PHYD) usage-based insurance, driver behavior monitoring and feedback, mileage verification, first notice of loss (FNOL) and claims processing, accident reconstruction, and advanced underwriting models. 

Location Intelligence

Gain a valuable market research input to understand traffic around commercial centers that are reachable by car. Measure location and potential, customer traffic, and shopper behaviors so you can improve campaign effectiveness, deepen competitive intelligence, and optimize store operations.

Remote Diagnostics

Monitor the health of the entire fleet in real time. Transform raw trouble code data and other indicators of vehicle health, such as oil temperature or tire pressure, into actionable information. Easily keep track of a range of conditions that could take a vehicle out of service or increase operating costs. 

Predictive Maintenance

Predict when a vehicle will likely experience a fault or need maintenance, based on diagnostic trouble codes and statistical inference from historical trends. Plan maintenance to keep the fleet working at peak performance.

Media Measurement

Consumers are constantly exposed to media while driving. Today, advertisers, media brands, and agencies have few insights into the consumption patterns within and around vehicles. Using blurred automotive data generated by connected cars, your company can create measurements and analytics that take into account trips and location data, as well as events within the vehicle such as audio system usage.

Concierge Services

Create a whole new world of personal services that help drivers get more from their cars. From roadside assistance and subscription-based fueling to car checkups and trunk delivery, connected car data can automate tasks and deliver faster, more personalized services.

Mobility Intelligence

Transform vast amounts of anonymized data into actionable, impactful and monetizable insights.Plan cities and transportation networks based on real multimodal needs and preferences. Optimally deploy charging stations to drive maximum revenue and station performance. Maximize ridership and optimize operational efficiency for increased ROI.

Urban Intelligence

Gain up-to-date visibility into mobility needs and multi-modal demand for planning and operating an effective and sustainable transportation network. Leverage actionable insights and data-driven, strategic decisions to effectively deploy stations, fleets and public transportation networks.

EV Intelligence

Optimally deploy charging stations and sites to maximize ROI and service accessibility. Access accurate EV charging demand measurements and precise mapping of low-battery zones across primary EV corridors. Gain unprecedented visibility into point of charge visitation patterns and insights.

MaaS Intelligence

Gain visibility into clusters of demand and hyperlocal passenger segments to select optimal service locations that increase ridership and revenue. Optimize operational efficiency, based on a wide set of mobility behavior indicators and insights, to capture more demand and better serve the riders community. 

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