Connected Car Data for
Safety & Emergency

Accelerate emergency responses to save property and lives

The Otonomo Platform makes automotive data from connected cars available for a diverse range of safety and emergency use cases. Real-time information like airbag deployments, hard braking, speed, and location give first responders a head start on emergencies and uncover problem areas for transportation planners to investigate. Connected car data makes a real difference in terms of improving emergency response times and saving lives.

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Safety & Emergency Services Can Use Connected Car Data for:

  • Emergency Response

    Use connected car data to detect accidents in near-real time and give first responders precise information about the accident to improve response time and care. Know the vehicle’s speed, location, and number of occupants.
  • Roadside Assistance

    Quickly respond to drivers’ requests for help with location data, as well as insights from diagnostic codes or other data generated by connected cars.
  • Road Hazard Identification and Safety Planning

    Use real-time and historical data on accidents, hard braking, or speeds to identify hazardous sections of road and plan for necessary improvements.
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring

    Help fleets ensure that their vehicles are in good working order and have adequate fuel to safely complete rides.

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Otonomo Consent Management Hub

Simplify the process of managing drivers’ consent to access specific automotive data parameters for safety & emergency apps.