Connected Car Data for
Mapping and Planning

Generate precise mapping and location-centered insights from connected car data

Aggregate data generated by cars is becoming a major new source of insights for many industries. With Otonomo, you can build analytical applications based on connected car data much more efficiently than ever before. Our platform does the heavy lifting of aggregating, cleansing, reshaping, and enriching connected car data so you can focus on uncovering insight.

Ready for sample connected car data for your mapping or planning service?

  • Streamlined Integration

    Tap into data from multiple OEMs from one standards-based, easy-to-use API.

  • Simple Geofencing and Polygon Creation

    Obtain data for very specific locations using patented technology in the Otonomo Platform.

  • Privacy by Design

    Our Dynamic Blurring Engine uses intelligent technology to apply different blurring techniques based on a dataset’s intended use.


Mapping & Planning Solutions Can Use Aggregated Connected Car Data for:

  • High-Definition Maps

    Capture dynamic traffic information from vehicle sensors to efficiently develop and update high-definition (HD) maps.
  • Road Sign Updates

    Use information from vehicle cameras to keep critical information updated, such as speed limits and temporary road changes caused by construction work.
  • Location Intelligence

    Use spatial data and street analytics captured in connected car data to improve analysis of physical locations.
  • Navigation

    Improve the precision of estimated times of arrival, optimize routes based on traffic volume, traffic hazards and weather. Incorporate last-mile navigation to parking spots into navigation systems.
  • Autonomous Vehicles

    Support the development of the autonomous vehicle ecosystem with the highly accurate mapping and road representations needed for autonomous driving.

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