Connected Car Data for
Concierge Services

Transform sensor data into valuable services

Today’s connected cars generate billions of data points about what’s happening inside and around them. This data opens up a whole new world of personal services that help drivers and make the most of the cars they own or rent. By working with Otonomo, you can bring your service to life faster, build smarter, and generate more revenue by delighting your drivers.

Ready to learn how you can use connected car data for your concierge service?

  • Simplified Data Access

    Access data from multiple OEMs through a single integration. No need to conduct multiple business negotiations or build to disparate APIs.

  • Enriched Datasets

    Build faster and smarter with connected car data that’s already aggregated, cleansed, and reshaped to support your service.

  • Privacy by Design

    Efficiently manage consent for personal services in partnership with the driver’s OEM. De-identify data as appropriate for aggregated data insights.


Concierge Services Can Use Connected Car Data for:

  • Roadside Assistance

    Deliver faster, more efficient roadside assistance services. Deploy services with the right people and equipment using vehicle location plus diagnostic codes such as a failed part, flat tire, or drained battery. Get drivers back on the road right away by talking them through a repair or reset that your contact center team diagnoses with connected car data.
  • Vehicle-as-a-Wallet

    Let connected cars make autonomous payments for authorized services such as parking, tolls, gas, or electric vehicle (EV) charging. Receive payments directly to connected cars for business models such as car sharing.
  • In-Vehicle Delivery

    Accept deliveries from retailers or third-party logistics providers directly to a vehicle’s trunk. Establish secure processes for providing consent to remotely unlock the vehicle.
  • Fueling or EV Charging On Demand

    Bring the gas station or EV charging station to the vehicle and eliminate trips to refuel/ recharge. Establish secure processes for providing consent to remotely unlock the gas cap door. Create solutions that automatically refuel or recharge based on set frequencies or fuel tank thresholds.
  • On-Demand Car Checkup

    Provide drivers with precise recommendations about when to replace the vehicle’s battery, tires, oil, or other fluids. Trigger notifications for pickup/dropoff services.
  • On-Demand Washing Service

    Schedule internal and external car washing where the vehicle is parked. Establish a secure process for unlocking doors. Alert washing services if the vehicle’s doors are left open or unlocked.

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