Connected Car Data for
Electric Vehicle Services

Make EV ownership more convenient for drivers

Efficient electric vehicle (EV) charging is a critical factor in increasing EV adoption throughout the world. Otonomo makes it simple and fast for EV service providers to access the automotive data they need to deliver services that improve the experience that EV drivers have when charging their vehicles. We also provide the consent management flows so that you can access this data with appropriate driver permissions.

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  • Single Data Source

    Access battery charge data from multiple OEM sources through our platform to save development cost and effort.

  • Privacy by Design

    Manage necessary consent flows between OEMs and your app in a consistent way, regardless of make or model

  • Speedy Integration

    Quickly plug into the Otonomo Platform using our standards-based API.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Services Can Use Connected Car Data for:

  • EV Charging Station Recommendations

    With drivers’ permission, combine location data and electrical range to recommend the most efficient charging stations.

  • Proactive Driver Alerts

    Reach out to EV drivers and help them plan their next charging station visit so that it’s as fast and convenient as possible.

  • Simplified Trip Planning

    Give EV drivers the tools to plan long-distance trips in their vehicles, while taking into account all of their charging needs.

  • Charging Load Management

    Optimize charging loads across a facility to save money and reduce stress on the grid. Perform charges on individual vehicles in a way that satisfies customers while reducing the required capacity of grid connections.

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