Traffic Management
with Connected Car Data

Improve traffic flow with real-time data generated by connected cars

Traffic management is a strategic problem for virtually every municipality. Car data, generated in real time by millions of connected cars, promises to make advanced traffic management systems even more intelligent and responsive. The Otonomo Platform provides a simple path to incorporating car data into existing traffic management systems and algorithms—and reduces the need for costly infrastructure such as road sensors.

Interested in a sample of Otonomo traffic data suited  to project?

  • Real-Time and Historical

    Access to both real-time and historical data facilitates real-time applications and deeper trend analysis..

  • App-Ready Data

    Pre-processed data with geofencing and and precise polygons, which assign meaningful locations to geohashes, simplify usage. .

  • Global Coverage

    One API provides data from multiple OEMs, with millions of kilometers covered across the globe..


Traffic Management Systems Can Use Connected Car Data for:

  • Real-Time Traffic Management Systems

    Improve real-time traffic flows with an accurate picture of what’s happening across road systems and cities.
  • Active Traffic Management

    Adjust traffic signals, ramp metering lights, and dynamic toll systems to account for current traffic flows. Apply temporary speed limits to account for hazardous road conditions.
  • Dynamic Signage

    Improve the accuracy of the algorithms that power dynamic signage with rich, real-time car data.
  • Traffic Incident Detection and Response

    Immediately detect traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns, and other incidents that impede traffic. Find road signs that are damaged or missing. Alert road maintenance crews and emergency personnel about the need for a response.
  • Road Weather Information

    Connected car data can signal the presence of heavy rain and dense fog, two important causes of accidents and traffic slowdowns.
  • Public Transportation Optimization

    Monitor the road conditions that affect public transportation efficiency. Plan public transportation routes more effectively and initiate re-routing as road conditions warrant.
  • Road Accident Prevention

    Deepen your understanding of the road conditions that cause accidents, so you can facilitate new accident prevention efforts.

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