Connected Car Data for
Remote Diagnostics

Maximize road time with insights from connected car data

Otonomo is partnering with telematics service providers (TSPs) to offer a comprehensive solution that transforms raw trouble code data into actionable information. Through this remote diagnostics service, you’ll be able to monitor the health of your entire fleet in near-real time. You can see current health status, the meaning of trouble codes, the potential severity of underlying issues, and actions that can be taken.

Ready to try connected car data for remote diagnostics of your fleets?

  • Pre-Built Solution

    Otonomo partners offer a pre-built solution that leverages diagnostic data captured by select TSPs and OEMs.

  • Broad Coverage

    Monitor remote diagnostics for multiple vehicle makes and models.

  • Actionable Insights

    Quickly move from knowing what’s wrong to doing something about it.


Aggregated Connected Car Data Helps You Run Remote Diagnostics for:

  • Trouble Code Monitoring

    Gain visibility into traditional diagnostic codes generated by vehicle engines. Because each make, model, and onboard device may generate a different set of codes in different formats, diagnostic trouble code data is typically not usable until a vehicle arrives at a servicing facility.
  • Health Indicator Monitoring

    Stay on top of a broad range of vehicle health indicators, including fuel level, tire pressure, oil temperature, engine temperature, RPM, and more.
  • Early Insight into Problems

    Discover potential issues sooner, so you can plan maintenance for more convenient times. Closely monitor vehicles’ mileage and fuel consumption.
  • Problem Alerting

    Receive automatic, intuitive alerts about potential problems so you can take appropriate action.

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