Future-proof Fleet Management with BMW Car Data

Improve fleet safety, efficiency, and operations with valuable embedded vehicle data

Tap into Fleet-Tailored Access and Management

Take advantage of cleansed and harmonized vehicle data and fleet-tailored access and management, including speedy onboarding, de-fleeting and compliance, real-time data streaming, usage statistics, geo-location reports and many more.

Use Case Description
GPS Vehicle Tracking Track the location of fleet vehicles in real time to optimize routes and save fuel expenses.
Remote Diagnostics Monitor the health of your fleet in real time. Capture multiple vehicle health indicators, such as mileage, fuel level, coolant level, battery voltage, brake fluid and more, and enable sophisticated correlations for further insights.
Driver Safety Monitoring Monitor safe driving habits and vehicle safety. Track speed, brake lining wear, tire pressure and warnings to enhance drivers’ safety.
Optimize Service Times Track distance and time to service to optimize service times and maximize vehicle usage.
Automated Parking Payments Use location data to detect when a vehicle enters and leaves a municipal parking spot. Automatically pay for parking using the correct rate and time.
Fuel and Charge Management Observe fuel level or remaining charge on electric vehicles. Alert drivers and guide them to the best fueling facility. Combat and detect fuel theft and fuel payment fraud.
EV Route Planning Operate electrified fleets more efficiently, optimizing their routes to minimize time or costs, depending on what is being transported. Reduce range anxiety by informing drivers when and where to charge their vehicles.
Fleet Electrification Efficiently convert your fleet to electric vehicles. Make data-driven decisions on how to invest in EVs and where to place fleet-owned charging points.
Vehicle Usage Monitoring Track vehicle locations to detect theft or unauthorized vehicle use. Get customized location alerts when vehicles enter or leave designated areas or deviate from planned routes.
Predictive Maintenance Predict when a vehicle will likely experience a fault or need maintenance, based on actual status and statistical inference from historical data and trends.
Residual Value Optimization Identify the right vehicle and right timing to replace it. Maximize remarketing value based on its actual use and maintenance data.

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